API:Accept Order

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This command is used to accept a pending order in the system.


  • orderid - the Order ID to be accepted

Optional Attributes

  • serverid - the Server ID to provision any hosting products in the order to, overrides default
  • serviceusername - the Username to assign for provisioning, overrides default
  • servicepassword - the Password to assign for products being provisioned, overrides auto generation
  • registrar - the domain registrar module to assign any domains to
  • autosetup - true/false - determines whether product provisioning is performed
  • sendregistrar - true/false determines whether domain automation is performed
  • sendemail - true/false - sets if welcome emails for products and registration confirmation emails for domains should be sent

Example Command

External API

 $postfields["action"] = "acceptorder";
 $postfields["orderid"] = "1";
 $postfields["autosetup"] = true;
 $postfields["sendemail"] = true;

Internal API

 $command = "acceptorder";
 $adminuser = "admin";
 $values["orderid"] = "1";
 $values["autosetup"] = true;
 $values["sendemail"] = true;
 $results = localAPI($command,$values,$adminuser);

Successful Response

 result - success

Error Response

result=error&message=Order ID not found or Status not Pending /* Given order ID not found 
or order is not pending.*/