Common Troubleshooting Tips

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General Errors

Order Form Product Pricing doesn't match admin area

The product pricing on the order form does not match the pricing entered on the product's pricing tab in the admin area. This means Setup > General Settings > Ordering tab > Monthly Pricing Breakdown is enabled.

Blank Page

If at any time you encounter a blank page in the WHMCS system ensure display_errors is enabled in the server's PHP configuration, add then enable the Error Reporting option in Setup > General Settings > Other

You should then get an error output to the screen, the most common errors are explained further down this page or on the relevant Modules Page. Once testing is complete, be sure to turn the error reporting setting off again.

More comprehensive troubleshooting for blank pages issues can be found at Blank Pages.

Database Errors

Down for Maintenance - An upgrade is currently in progress

Seeing this error indicates that the version of the files do not match the version of your database. So for example the files uploaded might be for Version 4.4, but the upgrade script might not have been run yet so the database is still only setup for Version 4.3. To resolve this you need to do a full reupload of the current versions WHMCS files, and run through any upgrade process that is presented to you when doing that and once completed you will be able to access the system again.

For the correct upgrade procedure, please refer to

Critical Error - Unable to connect to the database

This error means your database cannot be connected to. Please check the database connection details in the configuration.php file and update as needed (for example, if you recently changed the password or renamed the database itself). This could also be an issue with MySQL being down or an empty configuration.php file.

If you have confirmed that the database name, user name and password are correct, ensure that the MySQL user has been assigned to the desired database and given full access to it, as this is needed for the connection to work. If you are unsure of how to do this, please contact your hosting provider or server administrator.

Error Message "Field xxx doesn't have a default value" during installation

This error occurs when you try to install WHMCS with MySQL Strict Mode enabled. WHMCS requires strict mode to be disabled.

Gateway Errors

Blank Payment Gateway Page

This is usually caused by a double copy of a gateway file in the modules/gateway directory or .htaccess/php.ini or other file not provided with WHMCS in the directory that needs to be removed.

Merchant Gateway Declining or Failing

Take a look in Billing > Gateway Log to see exactly what response your payment gateway is returning and that should indicate what the problem is for you.

User Redirected to Wrong Page on Checkout

If you have customised your WHMCS header template and added or removed a form, you will need to update the forwardpage.tpl template file which by default will submit form 0 or 1 on the page - if you add a form to your header need to add 1 to the forms[x] setting in that file, if you remove one, you need to subtract 1

Invalid Access Attempt

To avoid this error, please ensure you are logging into your admin area using the exact URL defined in Setup > General Settings.

If for example your WHMCS System URL is set to, you would need to login to your admin area at If you login at this can cause the Invalid Access Attempt message (note the www. was omitted).

Server Errors

Hosting accounts aren't provisioned automatically

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Please review Utilities > Activity Log at the time of account creation for any error messages, the most common errors are explained further down this page and on Server Modules.

Internal 500 Server Error

An internal server error can be a lot of things but it's always a server issue - not WHMCS. It could be that ioncube is incorrectly installed or there are some settings in a .htaccess file causing an error. Here are a few broad areas for you to check in order to resolve the issue:

  1. An error in one of the PHP Files - Try enabling the display errors option.
  2. File Permissions & Ownership - All files should have a permission level of 644, folders should be 755.
  3. PHP Memory & Process limitations - Try increasing to 128MB
  4. PHP Process Limitations - Check with server admin/hosting provider
  5. Corrupt PHP Modules, Extensions, Builds - Check with server admin/hosting provider
  6. The obscure - If points 1-5 don't produce a fix typically the best course of action is to check the Apache Error Logs.

If the error is not displayed when following point 1, the error is beyond the control of the WHMCS Installation & staff as it becomes a Server issue, which we would not have the level of access to completely resolve.

Examining the Apache Error logs is the next step in trouble shooting, which depending on your level of access, may require contacting your Hosting Provider to assist.

Server Command Error - Curl Error - Couldn't resolve host (6)

This error message indicates that you don't have a server selected for the account to be setup on. There are a few points you should check:

  • Ensure you have a default server set in Setup > Products/Services > Servers (denoted by an asterisk *) and that a server is selected on the account that you are trying to setup.
  • If a server group has been configured ensure at-least one server has been added to the group.
  • The module selected under Setup > Products/Services > Servers is the same as the module selected under Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab.

Server Command Error - Curl Error - Couldn't connect to host (7)

Getting this error means that you have a firewall on your server blocking the connection. The port being used depends upon the module in use but for cPanel it would be 2086/2087, Plesk 8443, DirectAdmin 2222, etc... open for inbound and outbound connections on both the server WHMCS is installed on and the remote server being connected to. Please contact your server admin/hosting provider to open those ports.

Other Module Command/Registrar Error

Steps for identifying the cause of other Module Command or Registrar Command errors can be found in our Troubleshooting Guide.

Required Product Module '' Missing

This error message indicates that a module command was performed for a product to which no module is assigned. Please navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab and ensure the appropriate module is selected.

If the module selection has intentionally been left at None, then you may wish to consider using the Auto Release module instead. With the Auto Release module, WHMCS can open a support ticket or create a to-do list entry when a module command is performed to notify you that manual action is required.

Allowed memory size of xxxxx bytes exhausted

An error message along the lines of "Allowed memory size of xxxxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxxx bytes)" means that WHMCS has reached maximum amount of memory available per the memory_limit setting in your server's PHP configuration. You should increase this setting until the error is resolved - contact your server admin/hosting provider for assistance making this change.

Please take this opportunity to ensure all the other System Requirements are met.

Server Command Error - Curl Error - 28 connect() timed out

This error message means that the operation you were attempting to perform timed out. Some common causes of timeouts in WHMCS are:

  • Server too busy dealing with other requests
  • Server taking more than 150 seconds to provision the account
  • Server site IP address does not match the server details entered into WHMCS
  • Server doesn't exist

In order to resolve this you must ensure:

  • There is no firewall on your server blocking the requests from WHMCS
  • Enable/disable SSL mode on your servers by going to Setup > Products/Services > Servers > Edit.

Server load, uptime and phpinfo always say Unavailable or 00:00:00

In order for these values to be obtained, the file /status/index.php that you upload to every server has to be able to execute the PHP functions exec and shell_exec on that server. These are often disabled by default for security reasons. To enable them, you need to login to your server by SSH and then locate the php.ini file and open it for editing. Search down for the line that says disabled_functions and then remove exec and shell_exec from the list of functions following that.

For security, by default the phpinfo is disabled, you would need to edit the index.php file of the status directory and uncomment the phpinfo(); line,

Support Center

Access Denied - You are not assigned to any ticket departments

You have to configure the support ticket departments which you are a member of in Configuration > Administrators. When editing an admin you can choose just some or all of the departments that the admin should be taking care of. They will then only receive notifications about tickets in their departments.

Uploading Attachments

If your support ticket uploads fail to work, it could be because of an incorrectly setup list of allowed file attachment types in Configuration > General Settings > Support. The types must be separated by commas without any spaces, eg. .gif,.jpg,.pdf

Ticket ID not found

You cannot open new tickets via email as an admin, the system expects you to be replying to an existing ticket. Therefore when the email does not contain an existing ticket number you will see this error in the email import log.

Department Not Found

This usually occurs when an email was sent and your support department was added as a CC or BCC. Only emails where the department address is in the To field will a ticket be accepted.

System Errors

Error: has sent an incorrect or unexpected message. Error Code: -12263

This error means you have an invalid url entered for the System URL(s) in the General Config. For the built in SSL switcher of WHMCS to work, the System URL must be a non-SSL URL and the System SSL URL must be an SSL url. Alternatively, if not using the SSL switcher, you should just enter an URL in the System URL field (either non-SSL or SSL). You should never put the same URL into both fields. This message can also show as: "The page isn't redirecting properly"

There was an error in your request

When checking a domain availability this indicates that your firewall is blocking the whois port; 43. Please ensure port 43 is open. It could also indicate your server is unable to connect to the whois server listed in the /includes/whoisservers.php file - ensure your server is able to connect to the whois server on port 43 for the TLD listed in this file.

There was a problem connecting to the domain registry

When checking a domain availability this indicates that your firewall is blocking the whois port; 43. Please ensure port 43 is open. It could also indicate your server is unable to connect to the whois server listed in the /includes/whoisservers.php file - ensure your server is able to connect to the whois server on port 43 for the TLD listed in this file.

Invalid TLD/Registration Period Supplied for Domain Registration

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This error indicates an order has been placed for a TLD or registration period that hasn't been configured. Please review the following video to resolve the issue:

An order cannot be created because no products or domain registration items have been selected

Same as above; this error indicates an order has been placed for a TLD or registration period that hasn't been configured. Please review the following video to resolve the issue:

Watch Video Tutorial

Your IP has been Banned Reason: 3 Invalid Login Attempts

The admin login ban is set to last 15 minutes by default so you will need to wait and then try logging in again or request a new password.

Admin Email Notification Sending Failed - You must provide at least one mailer is not supported.

At least one Administrator must be setup to receive notification emails, you should change this by enabling Support Tickets Notifications in Setup > Administrators > Edit.

Department Not Found. Exiting

You need to setup at least 1 support department in WHMCS in Setup > Support Departments which is where the affiliate withdrawal requests will go to. Then assign your admin users to the department in Setup > Admins who will be notified when the withdrawal request is made.

TCPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file

This means the logo.jpg file in your images folder is missing, or not a valid jpg file. This is the image used when creating the pdf invoice.

Failed opening required '..//dbconnect.php'

When running the domain synchronisation cron job this error may occur. This won't affect the main automation cron, but this error does mean you need to edit the /crons/config.php file and specify the path to your whmcs directory for the sync script to use.

Template Errors

Blank Pages

Blank pages can be caused by errors in your customisations to modules or templates, missing files or if your server doesn't meet the minimum requirements for WHMCS. To see exactly what the issue is, you need to ensure display_errors are set to On in your servers php.ini file and the error_reporting level set to 6143. Then add the line to your WHMCS configuration.php file and revisit the page:


An error message occurring will be shown if it's a PHP error. Once finished testing, remove the line again from the WHMCS config file.

Client Area doesn't work after installing on a Windows Server

After installing WHMCS onto a Windows server, you may find when visiting the client area you just see a blank page. This is caused because the templates_c folder cannot be written to. You need to ensure that the appropriate IUSR account has read/write permissions on the attachments, downloads and templates_c directories and also the configuration.php file and it would resolve issues such as this.