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Supported Features

Register Transfer Renew Registrar Lock
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Update Nameservers Update WHOIS Get EPP Code Register Nameservers
Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNS Record Management Email Forwarding Domain Release Domain Sync Script
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Configuring ResellerClub

User Profile Menu
  1. Login to the ResellerClub control panel (the url will be in the email you received when you signed up with them) and then go to User Profile > Manage Profile - the value you need to note is the Reseller ID.
  2. Still in the ResellerClub control panel, go to Settings -> API and enter the IP address of the server where WHMCS is installed to authorize it for API access
  3. On the same page, note down the API Key.
  4. Now, login to your WHMCS Administration Area
  5. Go to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars
  6. Choose "Resellerclub" in the registrar dropdown menu and enter both the Reseller ID and API Key noted above.
  7. Then click Save Changes

And that's it, WHMCS will now be able to communicate with your ResellerClub account to automate domain registration & management for your customers.

Demo Mode

To use the ResellerClub demo mode, it's not as simple as ticking the demo mode option in the configuration area. You must setup an account separately on the dedicated demo system they offer @

Next enter your demo account details under Setup > Domain Registrars > ResellerClub. With the Test Mode checkbox ticked you can now place domain registration orders in WHMCS, the domains will appear on your demo ResellerClub account but no domain will actually be registered and you will not be charged.

Live nameservers created at the Registry will return a Nameserver is not a valid Nameserver error unless they are created/registered in the demo environment.

The demo control panel will try to check the validity of the nameservers in the demo platform and not on the Registry, so you must register the nameservers first before attempting any domain registrations on the demo platform.

ResellerClub recommend using the Demo Account Reseller ID and Password with the Test URL instead of your Live Account credentials. Usage of your Live Account credentials, even with the Test URL, will result in actions being performed in the live environment. [1]

Expiry Date Synchronisation

WHMCS can sync the expiry dates of domains you have registered with ResellerClub. This is particularly useful for domain transfers where the expiry date cannot be calculated automatically. This can be enabled under Setup > General Settings > Domains Tab.


Domain Contacts

In WHMCS v5.x and below, the client's profile data will always be used when registering domains through LogicBoxes modules (ResellerClub, NetEarthOne, Stargate), even if the "User Client Details option is disabled in the General Settings.

If a client has multiple domains registered they will all use the same contact details, changing the whois details on one domain will also change the details for the others.

Common Problems

Connection Problems

These errors occur when the ResellerClub server is unreachable. They may be experiencing problems or it could be a local firewall blocking the connection.

Access Denied: You are not authorized to perform this action

This error message indicates that you haven't yet allowed your servers IP to access your ResellerClub account via the API. You have to do this in the Settings > API section of the LogicBoxes control panel before you can use the integration.

The IP you need to authorize is typically the main shared IP of the server, usually most easily found from the IP your WHMCS license is assigned to, but if you're unsure or neither of those IPs work, then ResellerClub can assist and advise you of the IP they see your connection tests as coming from via a support ticket.

CURL Error: 7 - couldn't connect to host

See above

Invalid Password/Username, or your User account maybe Inactive or Suspended

This error response indicates that the login details you have entered in Setup > Domain Registrars for the Resellerclub module are incorrect or your account is suspended. A suspended account is less likely so make sure to check your configuration details first....

Website Doesn't Exist For xxx

This error occurs when the domain does not exist in your ResellerClub account. This message will be displayed when a domain transfer is in progress but will automatically disappear when the transfer is complete.

Telephone No. is invalid. Please note that only digits are allowed

You should only enter the phone number as it would be called from that country. No country codes should be entered.

An unknown fault occured - please contact support

This error occurs when the client's profile data contains characters other than a-z and 0-9. Any accents or other non-latin characters need to be replaced as the ResellerClub API won't accept them. WHMCS can be customised to automatically convert non-latin characters into their Latin equivalent, please refer to Custom Transliteration.

An unexpected error has occurred

This usually indicates that the login details are missing or incorrect, please ensure you have correctly entered your Reseller ID and API Key under Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars as described above.

Required parameter missing: name

This error indicates that the client's details are not being sent to ResellerClub. Ensure the client's details are filled in the following locations:

  • Under their Profile Tab
  • Under the Contacts Tab (if a contact is specified on the order details page)
  • Your company details are specified under Setup > General Settings > Domains tab > Default Billing/Admin/Tech Contact Details OR
  • The Setup > General Settings > Domains tab > Use Clients Details option is ticked.

Further Help

For further help with ResellerClub accounts and management, refer to their knowledgebase @

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