Adding and Working With Credit

From WHMCS Documentation

Credit allows you to receive money from a client, record it, and apply that balance to the client's purchases. For more information about credit in WHMCS, see Credit/Prefunding.

When working with credit, you will perform various actions in several different interfaces.

Credit a client for money received

When you receive money from a client, you should record it in WHMCS as a transaction. But if the payment is not for a specific invoice or the client has accidentally overpaid, the client's credit balance should be increased accordingly. Adding credits via the "Manage Credits" popup would not appear on the transaction record as they are not transactions.

To credit a client and create a transaction:

  • Go to Billing > Transactions List and select the Add Transaction tab.
  • Enter the details of the credit.
  • Check the Credit checkbox.
  • Click Add Transaction.

This will ensure your accounting records are accurate and the Account Statement report is balanced.

Adding or Removing Client Credit

To adjust a client's credit balance:

  1. Go to the Summary tab of the client's profile and click Manage Credits.
  2. Click the desired action (Add Credit or Remove Credit).
  3. Enter a description of or reason for removing the credit. Only admins can see this.
  4. Enter the amount to add or remove.
  5. Click Save Changes.

The system will apply the change to the client's available credit balance immediately.

Applying or Removing Invoice Credit

To apply credit to an invoice, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Credit tab for the desired invoice.
  2. Enter the amount of credit you wish to apply or remove under the appropriate header.
  3. Click Go.

If the invoice has been paid by credit, you may wish to set the invoice status back to Unpaid and reverse any automation that may have been triggered (for example, moving the service's Next Due Date back one billing cycle).

Clients also have the ability to apply credit to an invoice from within the client area when they have a positive credit balance.

Adding Credit in the Client Area

A client cannot add funds until they have at least one active approved order in their account. This is to prevent fraudulent use.

To add funds as a client:

  1. Click Add Funds on the Client Area homepage.
  2. Enter the amount to add.
    • This can be any amount between the minimum and maximum that you have set.
    • The system displays the minimum and maximum on the page.
  3. Choose a payment method.
  4. Click Add Funds.
  5. Pay at the selected gateway.

Applying Funds to Invoices

After a client has added funds to their account, if they place any new orders, the system will automatically apply credit to them and mark the invoices paid instantly and automatically on checkout.

If the client has outstanding invoices, they can open those invoices via the client area and apply credit from their available balance to them from the invoice page itself. A red box will appear on the invoice showing their credit balance and allowing them to apply credit to any of their outstanding invoices

From the admin area, staff can also apply credit to invoices via the Credit tab when viewing a particular unpaid invoice.