Addon Modules Management

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Addon modules allows developers to extend the functionality of WHMCS further including new pages in the admin or client areas. Addons can be obtained from the WHMCS Marketplace at

Once downloaded and installed they are all managed through the Setup > Addon Modules interface. Once activated, the modules will display in the dedicated "Addons" dropdown menu within the admin area for quick & easy access from any page.

Management options consist of activating and deactivating of the modules, as well as access control which allows full admins to define exactly which of the administrator roles are allowed to access each addon module.

Documentation for creating an addon module can be found at Addon Modules

Downloading and installing an addon

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Addon module management & access control

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Removing Addon Modules

To remove an Addon Module, navigate to the Setup > Addon Modules page and then click the Deactivate button next to the addon.

Disabling an Addon Module may delete data from database. After disabling an Addon Module, you may then delete it from the /modules/addons directory.