Affiliate Tab

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For information regarding the affiliate system in WHMCS refer to this page.


Tick to enable the affiliate system. Your customers will be rewarded for referring new custom to you using a unique link.

Affiliate Earning Percentage

This is the default recurring commission that all customers will earn. If this field is set to 5, then your customer will earn 5 percent of each invoice their referred customer pays you. The commission can be overridden on a product level and customer level so that different commissions are received for certain products or customers.

Affiliate Bonus Deposit

Choose to offer a bonus when a customer joins your affiliate program.

Affiliate Payout Amount

When a customer’s commission balance is below this level, they cannot withdraw the money. Once this level is reached a Request Withdrawal button will appear which, when clicked will open a support ticket, prompting you to pay the balance.

Affiliate Commission Delay

Define how many days the referred customer must stay with you before the affiliate receives commission. If the order is cancelled before this value then the affiliate will not receive commission.

We recommend a minimum Commission Delay value of 1. Typical values would be 30 or 60 days. Setting this value to 0 will cause commissions to always stay in "Pending" status and never clear.

Payout Request Department

When a client requests a payout a support ticket will be created, use this option to select in which department these tickets are created.

Affiliate Links

The banner codes that your affiliates can use to refer customers to you. The syntax is explained beneath the text area. More information can be found on the Affiliates Page