Auto Release

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Supported Features

Create Suspend Unsuspend Terminate
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Change Package Change Password Usage Updates Client Area Link
No No No No


The Auto Release module is designed to be used on products where there is no remote panel or automation to link to. It will return a successful dummy response to WHMCS when a creation is requested, thereby allowing you to automatically change a product to "Active" status and send the associated welcome email when there is no module.

To use it, simply choose the Auto Release module on the Module Settings tab of the product config area and then set the auto activation action to either immediately on order or on first payment, then save.

There are a number of fields on the page that allow the choice of what action is taken when each module commands is performed. The available actions are Create To-Do List Item which will create an entry in the system's To-Do list stating that the service needs manually creating, suspending etc, the Create Support Ticket option will create a ticket containing the same message in the department selected from the Support Dept ID dropdown.

The available module command actions are:

  • Create Action
  • Suspend Action
  • Unsuspend Action
  • Terminate Action
  • Renew Action

The module create function of this module does not generate a username and password by design. Therefore the username/password fields will be blank under the client's Products/Services tab.