Automation Status

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.1 and above

The Automation Status page gives you insights and information about the daily automation activity that occurs in WHMCS. It provides a way of viewing and monitoring automation activity over time, allowing you to see trends and identify any issues more easily.

How to use it

To view the automation status, click any summary graph shown in the Automation Overview widget on the admin dashboard. Or alternatively navigate to Utilities > System > Automation Status.

Upon first visiting the Automation Status page, you will be shown a summary of invoice generation activity for the last 7 days, and the results and totals from the current day's automation tasks.

You can browse to earlier days by using the arrow keys, or selecting a date from the calendar.


Be aware that historic automation activity information will only start being recorded from the day you upgrade to WHMCS 7.1 or later

Available Information

The page details items completed by a cron run for the selected date:

  • Invoices - The count of invoices generated.
  • Late Fees - The count of late fees applied to invoices.
  • Credit Cards - The count of successful and declined credit card attempts.
  • Invoice & Overdue Reminders - The count of any invoice and overdue reminders sent.
  • Cancellation Requests - The count of any processed cancellation requests. This also details the failed requests.
  • Overdue Suspensions - The count of successful and failed suspensions.
  • Overdue Terminations - The count of successful and failed terminations.
  • Fixed Term Terminations - The count of terminations defined by a product configuration.
  • Domain Renewal Notices - The count of any domain renewal emails sent.
  • Inactive Tickets - The count of inactive tickets closed.
  • Delayed Affiliate Commissions - The count of commissions applied.
  • Email Marketer Rules - The count of emails sent for the marketer.
  • Database Backup - Was the last database backup setup.
  • WHMCS Updates - Was the check for Updates successful?
  • Currency Exchange Rates - Was the currency exchange rate update successful?
  • Product Pricing Updates - Was the update of product pricing successful?
  • Server Usage Stats - Did the usage information update?

Failed Actions

If you see a number marked as failed items, this indicates some items failed to complete successfully.

In the case of credit card captures declining, these will be retried automatically based upon your settings defined in Setup > Automation Settings.

For failure items relating to Suspensions, Terminations, Cancellations, etc..., these will be retried daily until successful. They will also be added to the Module Queue from where you can view and resolve them. See the Module Queue page for more information.

Historic Data and Trends

The graph allows you to view a number of the task metrics over time.

By default the current week is displayed showing the number of invoices generated each day. You can choose other metrics and also choose from timeline options including the previous week, this month and last month.

Historic data is purged periodically.