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- Addon Name: Bulk Pricing Updater
- Latest Release: 5th September 2014
- Current Version: 3.0
- Compatible With: WHMCS V5.2.0 & Later

The Bulk Pricing Updater Addon utility can be used to apply system wide price changes to existing clients' product, addon and domain services.

Questions & Answers

What does the addon do?

This addon allows you to make changes to your existing clients' product, addon and domain renewal prices based on a number of criteria including product, billing cycle, status, current price, addons, etc...

When should I use this?

You will need to use this addon any time you want to increase the pricing for your existing clients.

This is necessary because by default, changing the pricing of products, addons and domain TLDs in WHMCS does not cascade to existing clients. That is, existing customers always remain at the prices they were shown and agreed to at the time of placing an order. The only exception to this is if you enable Product Prices Currency update setting under the Automation Settings.

What's new?

In the most recent update, we completely redesigned the addon to provide an improved user experience. The new step based wizard process allows you to step forward and back through the process at any time, provides the ability to review changes before executing them, and gives better feedback throughout the process. We also introduced support for performing pricing modifications for domains based on if domain addons are enabled such as ID Protection, DNS Management, etc... as a direct result of the need arising in http://blog.whmcs.com/?t=92934

How do I get it?

The module is included as standard in WHMCS v5.3.10 and above.


  1. If running WHMCS v5.3.10 and above, skip straight to step 5. For earlier versions proceed to step 2.
  2. Begin by downloading the addon files from above
  3. Next unzip the downloaded zip folder
  4. Now upload the resulting "bulkpricingupdater" folder to the /modules/addons/ directory of your WHMCS installation
  5. Once uploaded, login to your WHMCS admin area and navigate to Setup > Addon Modules where you will find the new module "Bulk Pricing Updater" available to Activate
    1. If you do not see the Bulk Pricing Updater addon in the list then this indicates the files have not been uploaded to the correct location. Please double check the upload and try again.
  6. No configuration is required.


Once installed, the addon can be accessed by navigating to Addons > Bulk Pricing Updater within your WHMCS admin area.

Don't See It?
If you do not see this option, ensure you have granted access to use it to your admin role group in Setup > Addon Modules.

Upon visiting the addon you will be guided through the process of performing a price update using a stepped wizard interface as follows:

  • Step 1 - Choose the type of item you wish to make a pricing update to - this is one of either Products/Services, Addons or Domains
  • Step 2 - Specify the criteria for identifying the items you wish to change the pricing on
    • The options available to you here will vary depending upon the type of item you have requested to update
    • You will also be asked to provide either a New Price to assign matching items to, or an amount to Increase Existing Prices By. You should only ever specify one or the other of these - never both.
  • Step 3 - Review - This step provides a summary of your criteria and the change that will be made and asks you to confirm everything is correct.
    • Once you proceed, the action cannot be undone, so be sure to check the proposed changes and criteria.
  • Step 4 - Perform Update - The updates will be performed and the addon will tell you the number of items that were adjusted.
    • Upon completion of an update, if you find it didn't apply to as many items as you had expected, you will be given the option to go back and refine your criteria further should you wish to edit the choices you made and try again.

Detailed instructions for updating domain pricing are published at http://docs.whmcs.com/Bulk_Pricing_Updater


Version 3.0 - 5th September 2014

  • Added support for performing updates based on Domain Addons
  • Added support to perform price increases by a relative amount
  • Redesigned interface for improved workflow
  • Various other bug fixes

Version 2.0 - 25th September 2011

  • Add Triennial support
  • Add currency selection options
  • Fixed Typo

Version 1.0 - 15th August 2009

  • Initial Release