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Live Help v4.1 Rev.3

Adds compatibility with the admin cryptography changes in WHMCS 5.3.9+

Live Help v4.1 Rev.2

Bug Fixes

Resolved Embedded Chat Sprite Issue
Removed Legacy Live Help HTML Code (i.e. /livehelp/include/javascript.php) 
Deleted Unused Files
	- /livehelp/include/auth.php
	- /livehelp/include/blank.php
	- /livehelp/include/javascript.php
	- /livehelp/include/tracker.php
	- /livehelp/typing.php

Live Help v4.1 Rev.1

New Features

Added World Map Visitor Location to HTML5 Administration
Added Embedded Chat Operator Details Auto Hide
Added Block Chat Option (HTML5 Administration)
Added Multiple Device PUSH Messaging (multiple mobile Devices can receive PUSH Alerts for a single operator account)
Added WHMCS Knowledgebase Article Links as Pre-typed Responses
Added Manual Setting to Disable WHMCS Ticket Generation ($_SETTINGS['WHMCSTICKETS'] = false)
Added Google Chrome Speech-to-text support (Embedded Chat)
Added HTML5 Administration Language Pack
Added HTML5 Administration Password Reset
Added HTML5 Administration Delete Pre-typed Response
Added HTML5 Administration Typing Indicator
Added Minimum jQuery Support for jQuery 1.4.4 (web pages can now use jQuery 1.4.4 with the Live Help HTML code)

Bug Fixes

Resolved Statistics Time Zone Issue
Resolved History Time Formatting Issue
Resolved JSON UTF-8 Issues
Resolved HTML5 Administration Adding PUSH Command Issue
Resolved Add Account Refresh Showing New Account
Improved Google Adwords Keyword Detection
Improved HTML5 Administration UI
Removed Legacy IP2Country Database (MaxMind is the only supported option for visitor locations)
Minor Bug Fixes