Changelog:Project Management V2.0

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Release Date: 26th June 2017

  • [PMA-10] - Implement V2.0 UI refresh
  • [PMA-11] - Implement email notifications
  • [PMA-15] - Implement ability to watch projects
  • [PMA-21] - Allow multiple file uploads with project messages
  • [PMA-22] - Allow quick start of time tracking
  • [PMA-27] - Allow tickets to be unlinked from a project
  • [PMA-30] - Implement invoice search for associating invoices
  • [PMA-31] - Allow image attachments to be previewed without downloading
  • [PMA-35] - Implement live client search for project assignment
  • [PMA-40] - Only allow billable time to be invoiced when project is assigned to customer
  • [PMA-41] - Improve handling of no active payment gateways when attempting to invoice
  • [PMA-44] - Add pagination to project log
  • [PMA-47] - Improve UX of multiple file attachments in messages
  • [PMA-49] - Add ability to search/filter list of projects by client name/email
  • [PMA-50] - Add ability to send email templates in relation to a project
  • [PMA-51] - Allow projects to be duplicated/copied
  • [PMA-52] - Add ability for a project to have no due date
  • [PMA-53] - Add project search to intelligent search
  • [PMA-54] - Add department and client name/submitter to Associated Tickets view