Changelog:Project Management V2.2

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Project Management Addon v2.2.0

Release Date: 23th September 2019

  • [PMA-90] - Provide option to Apply Tax on invoices from Billing Timers
     Also known as: PMA-93
  • [PMA-102] - Correct Week and Weeks language strings
     Also known as: ADDON-6009
  • [PMA-105] - Improve queries to avoid mismatch collation issues
     Also known as: ADDON-6012
  • [PMA-110] - Allow task list to be sorted
     Also known as: ADDON-5958
  • [PMA-111] - Show uploaded date of PMA attachments in client area
  • [PMA-116] - Provide more accurate description of timer durations
  • [PMA-129] - Ensure Import Tasks button is enabled/disabled appropriately
  • [PMA-130] - Remove support for custom status color of PMA projects
  • [PMA-134] - Ensure project log updated when adding timer entry
  • [PMA-140] - Correct entity rendering on add new task
     Also known as: ADDON-6029
  • [PMA-146] - Improve view of Due Date editing on Project Management Details
  • [PMA-147] - Add dates to Project Management Project Time Logs report
  • [PMA-150] - Implement ability to delete task templates