Changelog:WHMCS V5.3.12

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Version 5.3.12 Release Notes

We have recently changed our internal issue tracker, and as a result, case numbers now have a new format. In the changelog we show the new style case number first, with the older style case number in brackets if the issue was previously tracked under the old system. In some cases, an issue may have multiple related issue numbers in the new system and in those cases, these will be listed in an "Also known as" additional line below the issue description.

If you have any questions about the new format, please open a ticket with our support team.


CORE-5924 (#2533) - Reload Custom Field on ticket dept change for Default template
CORE-5991 (#2616) - Ensure pressing enter on Email Template subject doesn't disable editor
CORE-6124 (#2787) - Resolve skipping IDN Domains on bulk check with non-IDN domains
CORE-6526 (#3387) - Checkbox for "Charge Full Cycle" Removed
CORE-6951 (#4092) - Require cancelled or fraud status to delete order.
CORE-6996 (#4158) - Do not allow AjaxCart template to be selected when override in use
CORE-7011 (#4193) - Network issues page now supports language translations
CORE-7058 (#4264) - Whois server info for .coop TLD added
CORE-7104 (#4334) - Include custom statuses in support tickets menu
CORE-7143 (#4394) - Honor "Default" attribute for any module type and all configuration type
CORE-7523 (#4910) - Removal of MaxMind Phone Verification functionality
CORE-7678 (#5158) - Update status of domain when release occurs
CORE-7682 (#5168) - Optimize implementation of Invoice Increment
CORE-7696 (#5194) - Invoice PDFs now show negative balances (credits)
CORE-7698 (#5196) - Do not use HTML entities in Admin text emails
CORE-7853 (#5457) - Updated WHOIS server for .luxury
CORE-8147 - Email send with Contact Form uses "System Emails From Email" setting in From header
CORE-8174 - Pass the ticket id after saving a custom field.
CORE-8179 - Add Italian Provinces to State dropdown
CORE-8180 - Added Telangana as Indian State in State dropdown
    Also known as: WEBSITE-5974
CORE-8181 - Fix regression: Showing of disabled gateways
CORE-8184 - Ensure well-formed License banner in layout
CORE-8185 - Implement support for new ICANN requirements for Domain Reminders
CORE-8193 - Show balance in "client_due_invoices_balance" merge field
CORE-8195 - Update Amazon Simple Pay module with EOL notice and Deprecated name
CORE-8197 - Remove stray quotation mark from Suspend confirmation checkbox text
CORE-8202 - Ensure complete subject imported on POP for multi-character language
CORE-8206 - Provide Admin option to prevent reopening of tickets via client email
CORE-8209 - Update whois definition for
CORE-8224 - Ensure an empty Payment Method does not stop invoicing
CORE-8233 - Fix syntax for "configoption" on product info feed
CORE-8249 - Whois Servers added for *.id
CORE-8258 - Allow HTTP HEAD requests
CORE-8274 - Allow nameservers with hyphens in checkout & configuration process
CORE-8282 - Add support for Croatia to EU VAT Addon
CORE-8286 - Ensure Passed BillingCycle is valid on product upgrade
CORE-8296 - Add a new email template Domain Expiry Notice to be sent after a domain expires
CORE-8340 - Implement Top Bar Notification for Communication with Admin Users
SECURITY-6079 - Update Duo Security SDK


CORE-7058 (#4264) - OpenSRS now supports .fr registration
CORE-7516 (#4895) - Add support for new API functions in plesk
CORE-7877 (#5488) - Allow hyphenated regions for eNom
MODULE-5920 (#5520) - Do no use entity encoding for Client Name in ResellerClub addClient
    Also known as: CORE-7903
MODULE-5968 (#5466) - Converted full province to 2 characters for CA & US in OpenSRS
    Also known as: CORE-7860
MODULE-5970 (#4703) - Update HeartInternet Module API URL
    Also known as: CORE-7390
MODULE-6052 (#4587) - Update TransIP module private key processing
    Also known as: CORE-7304
MODULE-6063 (#4882) - Add sandbox option for the 2checkout gateway module
    Also known as: CORE-7507
MODULE-6192 - Add country code and country name for MOSS support in KashFlow
MODULE-6194 - Add support for Comodo Certificates and remove Create and Renew Thawte SSL for ResellerClub
MODULE-6206 - Pass StateProvinceChoice parameter during Contact Updates in Enom
ADDON-5922 (#5458) - Use proper date during Project Management Addon Search
    Also known as: CORE-7854, MODULE-6109


CORE-7890 (#5505) - Allow id or field name to be used when adding a client custom field via the API
CORE-8199 - Local API properly uses "clientip" if provided for IP event logging
CORE-8263 - Add ability to filter by Full Name using the API
CORE-8299 - Ensure Update Ticket API command performs same actions as Admin UI
    Also known as: ANDROID-33


CORE-7681 (#5167) - Czech Language File Update
CORE-8186 - Update latefee translation for Dutch
CORE-8213 - Update french client area language translation
CORE-8215 - Update Danish client translation
CORE-8246 - Improve translation of Release Domain for admin Spanish language
CORE-8325 - Typo fixes for Portuguese Brazil client area translation