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Version 5.3.4

  • Release Type: MAINTENANCE
  • Release Date: 18th February 2014


Case #2932 - Remove leading zero from phone numbers passed to domain registrars
Case #3048 - Add Logging of Admin Client Profile Custom Field Changes
Case #3240 - Make presence of attachments known in admin ticket notifications
Case #3252 - Displays the correct error message after a domain sync cURL failure
Case #3328 - Support Tickets: Add option to only update last reply timestamp on change of status
Case #3333 - Delete custom field entries for a product when the order is deleted
Case #3513 - Assert proper token values for query retrieval
Case #3513 - Prevent 'action' parameter from being squashed by ajax call
Case #3594 - Improve Logging of Overdue Notice disabling in Admin Client Profile
Case #3773 - Remove single and double quotes from hyperlinks in tickets
Case #3792 - Add exception catch and logging for failed admin emails & notifications
Case #3917 - Log Ticket Escalation Rule execution to ticket log
Case #3939 - Admin sidebar updated to link to product types work with new param key
Case #3940 - Pipe character in config options not being handled correctly in upgrades
Case #3951 - Run the ServiceDelete hook when deleting services via client summary page
Case #3962 - Fix Configurable Options not showing in Bundle Config
Case #3966 - Tidy Twitter response prior to parsing to prevent warnings
Case #3986 - EU VAT Addon: Fix sequential numbering via mass pay
Case #3988 - Improve logic for determining TLDs to search when none specified
Case #3989 - API: Add create as admin option flag to OpenTicket Command
Case #3993 - Preserve custom field values when changing department
Case #4007 - Revert PDF Font override behaviour
Case #4013 - Forces UTF-8 encoding on the Twitter link feed
Case #4016 - Pulls gateway variables into scope for third party gateways
Case #4016 - Removes a redundant merge on an array when grabbing gateway parameters
Case #4017 - Added support for Test Connection ability to modules
Case #4017 - Added Test Connection ability to Plesk Module
Case #4017 - Added Test Connection ability to cPanel Module
Case #4017 - cPanel Module: Improve error message response when SSL is enforced
Case #4021 - Fix TLD specific fields not displaying on some order forms
Case #4023 - Fix Invalid Token error in Project Management Client Association
Case #4023 - Fix due days calc in Project Management Addon after editing a project
Case #4024 - Fix order confirmation page showing payment required for free bundles
Case #4026 - Fix Message Preview in admin send message not interpreting HTML
Case #4030 - Fix Usage Statistics importing from server modules
Case #4033 - Fix Invalid Token error on admin homepage actions
Case #4034 - Remove case-sensitivity from localAPI commands
Case #4036 - Fix Admin Advanced Search by Orders redirecting to wrong page
Case #4037 - Restore freesans fonts that were removed as part of TCPDF upgrade
Case #4038 - Prevent matching conflicts with TLD additional fields
Case #4043 - Only prefix TLD with a dot in Domain Checker if not present
Case #4044 - Add Windows OS logic condition in file path validation
Case #4047 - Resolve encoding issues with plain text emails
Case #4051 - Fix some activity log keywords not auto converting to links
Case #4052 - Fix broken include path of whois functions file when IDN
Case #4053 - Fix fatal error from bad func_get_args use
Case #4054 - Fix Invalid Token error when enabling or disabling ID protection
Case #4055 - Add an admin setting for Mail Encoding
Case #4055 - Change default email encoding to 8bit
Case #4056 - Fix pricing grid background color in IE 11
Case #4059 - Add an admin setting for Hook Debugging
Case #4061 - Fix incorrect variable call in Worldpay Futurepay callback
Case #4062 - Fix starting price calculations for cycles greater than monthly
Case #4063 - Fix invalid redirect in upgrade process
Case #4065 - Improve logic of starting price calculations in cart
Case #4072 - Place IDNA class in PRS-0 compliant heirarchy
Case #4075 - Add an Admin Setting for PDF Paper Size
Case #4076 - Add Item Status filter to Client Summary Page
Case #4080 - Update default fonts available for PDF Generation
Case #4084 - Fix double encoding of domain registrar config values
Case #4085 - iDeal via Mollie: Fix error when no custom description is set
Case #4088 - Enom New TLDs Addon: Restore dynamic template vars

Version 5.3.3

  • Release Type: GENERAL RELEASE
  • Release Date: 5th February 2014


Case #3375 - Improved Redundancy for License Verification
Case #3779 - Improve error handling in quasi upgrade states
Case #3984 - Improve validation of admin settings
Case #3990 - Fix Ticket List Auto Refresh not retaining value

Version 5.3.3 RC 2

  • Release Type: RELEASE CANDIDATE 2
  • Release Date: 28th January 2014


Case #2622 - Use localized date format for domain renewal reminders
Case #2739 - Add TLD Specific Fields required for .CN domain registrations
Case #3802 - Make a quantity of zero remove item from the cart
Case #3854 - Resolved Mass Mailer not honoring refresh time
Case #3862 - NameCheap Registrar: Fix incorrect function name call
Case #3864 - Echeck: Fix storage of bank account details
Case #3893 - Enom SSL Module: Fix Province is Required Error Message
Case #3911 - PayPal Express Checkout: Resolved button not showing on order form
Case #3913 - Ensure entity encoded values are fully decoded on ticket edit
Case #3914 - Improve handling of entities in EPP Codes
Case #3922 - PayPal Express Checkout Improve Validation
Case #3925 - Plesk: New Module with Plesk 11 Support
Case #3926 - Improved Versioning with Update Notifications for Pre-Release
Case #3930 - Clarify Charge Next Month Description in Prorata Billing
Case #3931 - Potential header injection via whois lookups
Case #3932 - Improve sanitization for whois query
Case #3936 - Added Hook Points to allow for Custom Field Manipulation
Case #3945 - eNom New TLDs: Resolve SQL Error occuring in Cron Hook

Version 5.3.3 RC 1

  • Release Type: RELEASE CANDIDATE 1
  • Release Date: 14th January 2014


Case #2740 - cPanel Module: Removed duplicate SetACLs call on Upgrade
Case #2754 - WHOIS Server Update: .DE Update for Improved Matching
Case #2754 - WHOIS Server Update: .FM Added
Case #2754 - WHOIS Server Update: .GD Change of WHOIS Service
Case #2754 - WHOIS Server Update: .IO Update to Available Response
Case #2754 - WHOIS Server Update: .JP Update to Server Name
Case #2754 - WHOIS Server Update: .MN Added
Case #2754 - WHOIS Server Update: .SX Added
Case #2800 - Store Provision Date for SSL Orders
Case #2805 - Prevent moving the Invoice Starting Number backwards
Case #2812 - Language File Update: Italian - Client Area
Case #2870 - Clean custom fields when merging clients
Case #3007 - Ensure monetary stats totals are always formatted as currency
Case #3012 - Additional Domain Fields update to support pipe separator in admin
Case #3013 - Do not attempt capture when no balance due
Case #3019 - Refine internal criteria for bulk domain lookup
Case #3030 - Resolve SQL error in Income by Product Report
Case #2834 - Add Azerbaijani translation for the client side
Case #2651 - Add Partial Farsi Language Translation for Admin Interface
Case #3058 - Clean custom fields when deleting a ticket
Case #3058 - Proactive cleanup of old ticket and custom field data in upgrade
Case #3086 - Nominet Registrar: Update to Contact Registration Logic for Individuals
Case #3116 - Required Custom Fields not being validated correctly when using API
Case #3199 - Knowledgebase HTML not being sanitized prior to output
Case #3335 - Improve formatting of ticket duration in client feedback process
Case #3341 - Hide domain renewal option if renewal orders are disabled
Case #3341 - Hide mass domain renewal option if renewal orders are disabled
Case #3410 - Enom New TLDs Addon: Updated to Version 1.1 and renamed New TLDs
Case #3414 - Payflow Pro: Update to store PayFlow Reference in PayFlow Mode
Case #3418 - WHOIS Server Update: .ES Change of WHOIS Service
Case #3418 - WHOIS Server Update: .NU Updated
Case #3617 - Do not CC password reset emails to sub-accounts
Case #3730 - Licensing Module: Syntax correction to code sample
Case #3740 - ProtX VSP Form: Pass correct callback values to debug log
Case #3798 - Admin announcements listing not displaying any records
Case #3809 - Regular Expression Custom Field Validation failing on single quotes
Case #3811 - Resolved Invalid Token error when deleting recurring calendar entry
Case #3814 - Improvements to IPv6 detection and validation logic
Case #3816 - API UpdateClientProduct Auto Recalculate should not require params
Case #3819 - Prevent spurious warnings for failed hostname lookup
Case #3856 - Mass Mailer does not retain recipients under certain permutations
Case #3871 - Update country label for code PS for ISO 3166-1 compliance
Case #3872 - Allow PHP error reporting level to be controlled by admin

Version 5.3.2 Beta

  • Release Type: BETA
  • Release Date: 23rd December 2013


Case #2551 - CashU payment gateway callback foreign currency handling improvement
Case #2557 - Updated 2CheckOut payment gateway to use new currency variable
Case #2613 - Domain renewal notice template updated to show all domains
Case #2637 - Fixed insecure items warning on pages served via SSL under certain circumstances
Case #2699 - Domains not re-invoicing when auto-renew disabled then re-enabled
Case #2748 - Products that are not free but have no pricing are disabled
Case #2782 - Product options now live update on admin order form
Case #2836 - Hide domain renewal option from Ajax Cart when not enabled
Case #2864 - Fix for TLD Pricing Display in Client Area
Case #2876 - Registrar Modules Client Area Output not being shown
Case #2925 - Enforce password match on client area contact change
Case #2958 - UpdateInvoice API was generating an SQL error when no changes specified
Case #2959 - Added Hook AddonUnsuspended
Case #2983 - Sort by conversion rate not working in link tracking
Case #2989 - Downgrade orders failing when no payment due
Case #2991 - Deleting an order should return quantity to available stock
Case #3014 - Fix for Promotion Code Create on Order bypassing permissions
Case #3047 - Ensured API always returns errors in API format
Case #3051 - Prevented non-active gateway from being assigned to items
Case #3070 - One can now deactivate a payment solution when its' file is missing
Case #3111 - Merging clients now merges attached files too
Case #3112 - API UpdateContact command not allowing sub-account to be enabled
Case #3135 - OrderAddonPricingOverride Hook not interpreting response correctly
Case #3139 - Improved validation on Address State input admin side via dropdowns
Case #3152 - Client area product details now hides areas without permission
Case #3160 - Resolved password change failing on Plesk 10 when account has both IPv4/v6 IPs
Case #3170 - IPMirror module updated and submitted to fix bugs
Case #3180 - Validate custom fields via the API
Case #3184 - InternetSecure module use of USD login ID when CAD login ID not present
Case #3187 - Fixed predefined addon names missing from the cron report
Case #3198 - Fix for Registrar Module Hooks not being loaded
Case #3234 - Optimized SQL Queries used in Building Configurable Options & Product Starting Prices in Cart
Case #3239 - Added call to AddonTerminated hook when addons terminated with parent product
Case #3248 - Resolved conflict when both Heart Internet modules are loaded at the same time
Case #3253 - Resolve Mobile Theme footer template syntax error
Case #3268 - Validate feed input for product id, currency, config options
Case #3277 - Prevent credit being used to pay Add Funds invoices
Case #3301 - API CreateInvoice function should call the InvoiceCreationPreEmail hook
Case #3304 - API GetOrders was ending prematurely when order contained a domain renewal
Case #3313 - Fixed the Moneris Vault payment solution
Case #3324 - Fix for admin orders list losing filter on change of sort
Case #3326 - Update to display email address in the Blocked Sender confirmation message
Case #3334 - Ensure Smarty compiled templates do not have permission conflicts
Case #3337 - Update to always list invoice email line item amounts on first line
Case #3343 - Prevent domains being set to suspended status via mass update
Case #3346 - Resolved new admin not being disabled when requested
Case #3356 - API action calls changed to be case in-sensitive
Case #3360 - Resolved issue where one time promotions could be treated as recurring
Case #3360 - Disable Recur For input box when Recurring is disabled
Case #3361 - Update to ensure promotion can never result in a negative invoice total
Case #3362 - Fixed a promo code edge-case on recurring limited promos
Case #3364 - Validate IP values sourced from HTTP headers
Case #3381 - Fixed syntax issue with quotes in the Moneris Vault payment gateway
Case #3382 - Added the mbstring PHP extension as a requirement for IDN domains
Case #3388 - Update to default Classic and Portal invoice templates to resolve token error
Case #3396 - Ensure update queries only run if values to update
Case #3412 - Added support for strict validation of IPv6 IP addresses
Case #3438 - Improve validation on new license key submission
Case #3452 - Improved handling of retrieving product associated downloads
Case #3467 - API GetClientsAddons lookup by clientid and serviceids failing
Case #3482 - Use default currency type details if type is not provide by user
Case #3518 - Norwegian Language Correction for Biennially
Case #3528 - Updated Smarty to latest 2.6.28 release
Case #3530 - Optimised Activity Logging and Output
Case #3620 - Prevent repeat submission in all admin support downloads actions
Case #3624 - Remove logic restriction so 2Checkout reoccuring can be processed
Case #3628 - Allow escape key to dismiss admin dialog popup
Case #3641 - Allow MaxMind Service Type selection
Case #3646 - Updated getSystemURL functions to clean URL
Case #3684 - Prevent token appearing in URL on auto SSL switch
Case #3708 - Added API Version 1.1 to Modules for fully decoded data
Case #3709 - Resolve client search select not working when name contains quotes
Case #3711 - Ensure CSV Exports do not contain entity encoded values
Case #3732 - API no longer allows empty IP addresses
Case #3738 - Subaccount password field default text disappears onfocus
Case #3741 - Correct Spelling Mistake in Override

Version 5.3.1 Beta

  • Release Type: BETA
  • Release Date: 4th October 2013


Case #3325 - Credit Cards not processing due to incorrect values stored in SQL statement
Case #3164 - Fix for adding .ru contacts with ResellerClub


Case #3353 - Add sanitization for pre-formatted AES_Encrypt in queries

Version 5.3.0 Beta

  • Release Type: BETA
  • Release Date: 27th September 2013


Case #2514 - Implemented Ability to filter Transactions CSV Export by Date Range
Case #2561 - Implemented Category name to available template fields in KnowledgeBase Category Viewing page
Case #2570 - Implemented Support for marketing email opt-out to bulk send message requests
Case #2571 - Implemented Unsubscribe Confirmation Email Template to be sent on unsubscribe
Case #2583 - Implemented WHOIS server definition updates
Case #2591 - Implemented Automatic line breaking to API SendEmail Custom Messages
Case #2595 - Implemented Dev License Banner to Client & Admin Area End User Outputs
Case #2635 - Implemented Display of log message to Project Management Recent Activity Homepage Widget
Case #2636 - Implemented Support for Apply Once only promos in multiple quantity orders
Case #2650 - Implemented WHOIS servers for .id domains
Case #2658 - Implemented Date input validation to admin clients services page
Case #2681 - Implemented Itemlimit variable to client area template vars
Case #2683 - Implemented AfterModuleChangePassword hook to client area module pw change
Case #2704 - Implemented InvoiceSplit hook point to invoice split process
Case #2698 - Implemented Improvements to domain input handling to auto clean http -// and www.
Case #2747 - Implemented Field order in Downloads Admin for more natural flow
Case #3147 - Implemented OverrideOrderNumberGeneration hook to allow overriding of the default order number generation logic
Case #3281 - Implemented Improved validation of input parameters in addon add to cart action
Case #3226 - Implemented Include Live Chat Integration Code to Default Template by default
Case #2784 - Implemented Use of hidden payment gateways in admin order form
Case #2786 - Implemented Improved validation of admin general config settings
Case #2629 - Implemented Password Reset Validation Email Template Default Text Updated
Case #2685 - Implemented Improved handling of open invoices in admin upgrade order process
Case #2597 - Implemented JSON check during installation process
Case #3294 - Implemented Perform GD requirement check in installer
Case #2809 - Implemented UX Improvements to Product Pricing Configuration
Case #2526 - Implemented Change for 2FA Backup Code Generation
Case #2680 - Implemented Update to include email sending in user activity logs
Case #3075 - Implemented Update to ECB Exchange Rates Data Feed URL
Case #2513 - Implemented Update to Russian Admin Language File
Case #2588 - Implemented Update to Hungarian Language File
Case #2589 - Implemented Update to Dutch Client Area Language File
Case #2745 - Implemented Update to French and Norwegian Client Area Language File
Case #2746 - Implemented Update to French Admin Area Language File
Case #2715 - Implemented Update to Russian and Ukranian Client Area Language File
Case #2631 - Implemented Update to Spanish Client Area Language File
Case #2774 - Implemented Update WHMCS EULA


Case #2503 - Resolved Client information not always being passed to gateways
Case #2508 - Resolved TLD Specific Fields not always loading on admin order form
Case #2510 - Resolved Deleting service doesn't reduce affiliate signups count
Case #2522 - Resolved Typo in Bulk Pricing Updater Addon Description
Case #2527 - Resolved Delete button on order details view not working
Case #2529 - Resolved Pending Orders shortcut in Original admin template
Case #2531 - Resolved Confirmation message not being displayed on server add
Case #2534 - Resolved Update to default invoice overdue email templates to remove login
Case #2548 - Resolved Stopped ticket list display order reversing on refresh after new sort
Case #2549 - Resolved JS Error on Direct PID link in Slider Cart Template
Case #2552 - Resolved Logout occurring when changing item limit in support
Case #2553 - Resolved Cron report duplicated in some conditions
Case #2555 - Resolved Select all checkboxes not working in manage orders & invoices
Case #2559 - Resolved Stop allowed ticket attachment file types stretching
Case #2560 - Resolved System Cleanup Activity Log & Email Log Clearance
Case #2562 - Resolved Pre-Sales Contact Form update to set Reply-To to Customers Details
Case #2566 - Resolved Admin clients list displaying multiple instances of the same
Case #2581 - Resolved Custom field Regex validation being enforced even when field set as optional
Case #2587 - Resolved Date picker being lost upon module commands invocation
Case #2594 - Resolved Calendar Homepage Widget To-Do Items Inconsistency
Case #2600 - Resolved Update to Entity Encode Ampersands in Frontend Language Switcher HTML
Case #2601 - Resolved Cancellation requests failing in some scenarios
Case #2602 - Resolved Update to prevent templates per product group with ajax cart
Case #2605 - Resolved Escalation Rule Notification Email not using latest reply text
Case #2607 - Resolved CC capture process not attempting all due invoices by default
Case #2611 - Resolved Admin Add New Addon link not working in certain conditions
Case #2612 - Resolved Selected gateway not being displayed on invoice if disabled in product group
Case #2617 - Resolved Admin duplicate invoice function not duplicating line items
Case #2617 - Resolved Duplicate invoice activity log entry not appearing in client log when done from main invoices list
Case #2627 - Resolved Invoices pay all link redirected to invoice list when mass pay is disabled
Case #2632 - Resolved Improved handing of HTML in payment gateway display names
Case #2645 - Resolved Removed empty whitespace padding on admin open new ticket page if no signature defined
Case #2645 - Resolved Ticket Department Change Notification sending to members of the previous department
Case #2652 - Resolved IP Ban Disable Option Non-Functional
Case #2670 - Resolved Update to hide system overview banner if not enabled for admin role
Case #2673 - Resolved Erroneous config option db entries being created on cart checkout in certain conditions
Case #2674 - Resolved Order Process Fraud Check Running Post Auto Activation
Case #2682 - Resolved Currency formats with commas not escaped for CSV export
Case #2689 - Resolved State field being skipped via tabbing in slider template
Case #2702 - Resolved Banned subdomain prefixes displaying empty error message in some order form templates
Case #2713 - Resolved Update to Billable Items Mass Action Access Control
Case #2714 - Resolved Admin notification from default sender when ticket flagged
Case #2720 - Resolved Allow order form login when Two-Factor Auth is enabled
Case #2721 - Resolved Handling of no activity on initial install of Project Management Addon
Case #2722 - Resolved Reply & close ticket action not sending ticket feedback request
Case #2725 - Resolved Extra unnecessary padding being added to plain text emails and ensure ampersands always display correctly
Case #2732 - Resolved Mass action buttons not working in admin ticket list
Case #2736 - Resolved Ticket Options Save Logging Custom Fields Edits
Case #2751 - Resolved Admin user creation empty error message when username taken
Case #2752 - Resolved Added back link to installer upon invalid DB credentials
Case #2757 - Resolved Allow deletion of addons while still preserving name
Case #2772 - Resolved Admin invoice mass mark paid action generating sql error
Case #2781 - Resolved Optimize row count retrieval for email message log
Case #2803 - Resolved Update to Shopping Cart starting price calculations to ignore hidden config options
Case #2811 - Resolved Activity Logging not working under strict mode
Case #2818 - Resolved pageheader.tpl include removed from clientareasecurity.tpl portal theme.
Case #2819 - Resolved clientareachangesq.tpl removed from classic and portal themes.
Case #2891 - Resolved Searching an invalid TLD now returns the proper error message.
Case #2892 - Resolved Ordering As Logged In Client w/Modern Theme fails to display the invoice, hangs indef.
Case #2942 - Resolved HTML Entities not decoded for email subject
Case #2948 - Resolved Honor Mass Mail opt-out for all email delivery batches
Case #2977 - Resolved Calendar Entries Missing Addon Name for Predefined Addons (5.2.7 forwardport)
Case #2978 - Resolved Improper logging of admin login IP
Case #3006 - Resolved Setting ?systpl=xxx can change the template dropdown in General Settings
Case #3074 - Resolved Invoice Number Filter not working in Admin Clients Invoices Page
Case #3092 - Resolved Mass Mail Marketing Opt-Out not being honored in certain conditions
Case #3093 - Resolved Mass Mail failing to find recipients
Case #3107 - Resolved Fixes domain validation bugs.
Case #3108 - Resolved Use a valid mysql resource in error logging.
Case #3110 - Resolved Fix typo in class name.
Case #3114 - Resolved DomainChecker incorrectly reports Available for domain sld ending in '2'
Case #3216 - Resolved Added CSRF Protection to Admin General Settings Ajax Calls
Case #3224 - Resolved Potential Memory Leak in SQL Error Logging
Case #3237 - Resolved Fixed the product pricing fields so they always show up/disappear.
Case #3246 - Resolved Improved Latest Version Checking Logic
Case #3254 - Resolved Enforce IP ban on logins that lack username or password
Case #3257 - Resolved IP address should render within warning box of orderform
Case #3258 - Resolved Update themes to display invalid user-provided TLD in domainchecker
Case #3276 - Resolved Custom Validation Hooks return handling in Clients Profile
Case #3275 - Resolved Application instance & hooks must be available prior to activity logging
Case #3280 - Resolved Remove warnings & bad input combos for invalid product item & nameserver references (Courtesy VladC)
Case #3292 - Resolved Calendar Entry Type Checkboxes not retaining selection - Resolved Port Case 2975
Case #2788 - Resolved Shoutcast Welcome email created by installer, but can't be selected.
Case #2835 - Resolved Refunds failing with manual error if gateway doesn't match invoice


Case #2872 - Resolved Standardize ClientDetailsValidation hook input/output.
Case #2718 - Resolved API - Resolved AddClient function not saving credit card details
Case #2791 - Resolved API SendEmail numeric id validation.
Case #3057 - Resolved AddClient API Response including HTML upon validation error
Case #2657 - Resolved AddBannedIP API call failing to add requested IP
Case #2756 - Resolved Banned Domains not being checked correctly using AddClient API
Case #2735 - Resolved Domain WHOIS API returning available on invalid domain


Case #2537 - [Nominet] Schema Withdrawal
Case #2884 - [Nominet] Resolved Registrant Name & Type not being set correctly
Case #2941 - [Nominet] Fixed bug with Company ID Number being ignored
Case #2538 - [2CheckOut] Added conversion of foreign currencies to fee value of transactions
Case #2556 - [2CheckOut] Fixed recurring pass off failing with access error
Case #2546 - [Skrill] Update to prevent payment success confirmation always showing on return even if payment failed
Case #2563 - [BluePay] Update to Refund Processing to Specify Payment Type
Case #2564 - [DirectAdmin] Improved error detection for Suspend/Unsuspend Actions
Case #3256 - [EU VAT Addon] Improved handling when SOAP not available in PHP
Case #3024 - [EU VAT Addon] Improved error handling on checkout
Case #2838 - [EU VAT Addon] Added newly joined Croatia to supported EU countries
Case #2776 - [Twitter] New social integration module created to replace deprecated v1 API
Case #2808 - [SagePay Tokens] Updated VPSProtocol to 3.00, added CustomerEmail to passed fields, and added handling for Visa Debit card type
Case #2789 - [ CIM] update to handle long addresses and special chars
Case #2874 - [] Echeck Recurring Capture Invoice ID Misref
Case #2783 - [PayPal] JPY currencies now round correctly.
Case #2743 - [Enom New TLDs Addon] Improved Logging Update
Case #2724 - [ResellerClub] Update to pass null Billing Contact for .NL Registrations
Case #2675 - [Heart Internet Registrar] Save Nameservers generating unintended output
Case #2638 - [SECPay] Resolved capture attempts failing
Case #2593 - [TransIP] Module file include handling improvements
Case #2585 - [] Improved handling of EPP codes with special characters
Case #2656 - [Payza] Resolved payments being recorded without gateway association
Case #2604 - [Optimal Payments] Update to make card types case insensitive
Case #2664 - [Liberty Reserve] Removed now defunct Liberty Reserve gateway module