Changelog:WHMCS V6.0.0 Beta 3

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Version 6.0.0 Beta Release Notes


VSIX-40 - Hide domain lookup search form and menu when domain registration disabled
VSIX-292 - Rename "default" theme to "five"
VSIX-349 - Add method pass throughs to the menu item class.
VSIX-354 - Billing Information link in the account/profile sidebar not conditional
VSIX-357 - Select dropdowns on 'My Details' should not have select-inline class
VSIX-361 - Ensure language chooser works well with limited number of languages
VSIX-365 - Asset paths become invalid when using SEO Friendly URLs
VSIX-368 - Homepage should display announcements when twitter not enabled
VSIX-384 - Security settings link should not show in client area if no security options enabled
VSIX-389 - Modern order form checkout step Existing User tab non-functional
VSIX-395 - Add custom HTML attributes to rendered menu items.
VSIX-401 - Page title and breadcrumb parameters ignored in addon module client area output
VSIX-407 - Footer template lacks footer output hook point
VSIX-409 - Email messages with HTML are sent with entity encoding
VSIX-412 - Email Templates add new language option non-functional in admin area
VSIX-414 - Licensing addon client area template references five theme specific include
VSIX-420 - Project management addon client area template references five theme specific include
VSIX-421 - Installer should output SQL errors that are encountered
VSIX-429 - Licensing addon hook file generates a fatal error