Changelog:WHMCS V6.0.0 Beta 4

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Version 6.0.0 Beta Release Notes


VSIX-90 - Ensure new Quote contact permission is ported to the new theme
VSIX-196 - Affiliates template contains hard-coded text
VSIX-201 - Bulk domain management needs updating for bootstrap
VSIX-209 - Password reset validation page password strength not fully working
VSIX-286 - Two-Factor Auth backup code cannot be copied due to new window drag ability
VSIX-318 - Order cancellation should provide option to cancel PayPal Subscriptions if active
VSIX-356 - Update Dutch language file with new 6.0 translations
VSIX-362 - Templates compile directory reports not writeable on Windows when specified as relative path
    Also known as: VSIX-359
VSIX-366 - eNom Namespinner: Implement check command on add to cart
VSIX-413 - Apply bootstrap button styling to Licensing Addon pages
VSIX-416 - Conform language files to the standard
VSIX-430 - Client area home transfer domain button links to register domain
VSIX-431 - Knowledgebase useful votes feature allows for double voting on refresh
VSIX-432 - Client area tables unable to sort by date
VSIX-435 - Excessive memory usage in client stats calculations
VSIX-436 - Assign a default Affiliate Payout Amount on new installations
VSIX-438 - Admin area child menus have a smaller font than their parent
VSIX-453 - Domain checker does not work from homepage
VSIX-460 - Re-add the Smarty {php} block function
VSIX-462 - Make sure the Smarty {php} block isn't already registered
VSIX-463 - Only load hook files for provisioning modules that are in active use


MODULE-6196 - Update Sagepay modules to use Sagepay API v3
    Also known as: MODULE-6251