Changelog:WHMCS V6.0.0 Beta 5

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Version 6.0.0 Beta Release Notes


CORE-6525 (#3383) - Improve handling of email attachments in ticket reply importing
    Also known as: CORE-6359
VSIX-26 - Implement new domain lookup/spinner logic to order process
VSIX-66 - Manage domain button in client area product details must be conditional on domain registration
VSIX-89 - Apply bootstrap radio button styling to mass mail types
VSIX-113 - Status of product not shown on Product Details page
VSIX-215 - Add checkbox toggle setting for Proforma Invoicing behaviour
VSIX-339 - Update styling of license error page
VSIX-377 - Currency images appear broken in order form template
VSIX-389 - Modern order form checkout step Existing User tab non-functional
VSIX-408 - Resend product welcome email button not working
VSIX-441 - Ensure navbar/sidebar links remain valid when using SEO Friendly URLs
VSIX-446 - Prevent segmentation faults due to eAccelerator incompatibility with PHP 5.3 features
VSIX-452 - Add missing header output smarty variable to six header template
VSIX-457 - Modern order form Add New Contact non-functional
VSIX-465 - Add missing page in breadcrumb My Details and Credit Card Pages
VSIX-498 - Ensure compatibility with more template compile directory variations
VSIX-507 - Fatal error when attempting to delete custom email templates
VSIX-509 - Boxes order form template own domain fields misaligned
VSIX-511 - Client area disable auto renew non-functional
VSIX-512 - Assign recently added reports into their own appropriate categories
VSIX-513 - Bulk Pricing Updater steps progress not displaying correctly
VSIX-514 - Update Bulk Pricing Updater with Bootstrap Styling
VSIX-517 - Hide Add Funds button from My Invoices sidebar when add funds is disabled
VSIX-518 - Improve UI of Six Template Ticket Submission Confirmation
VSIX-520 - Boxes order form template displays double separator on checkout step
VSIX-521 - Client area product cancel button should only display when enabled
VSIX-525 - Homepage Announcements display does not show the correct date
VSIX-527 - Show credit transactions in invoices transactions log
VSIX-538 - Roll back to Smarty 3.1.21
VSIX-539 - Boxes order template confirm box shows incorrect message