Changelog:WHMCS V6.0.0 GA

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Version 6.0 Release Notes


CORE-8611 - Admin Send Email confirmation page link to client is non-functional
CORE-8614 - Currency type must not be a name
VSIX-458 - Homepage System Overview Widget Overdue Invoices Label Incorrect
VSIX-675 - Hello in secondary nav bar user greeting doesn't use language file
VSIX-740 - Allow Smarty PHP Tags show as enabled in interface when disabled
VSIX-743 - UI and Visual Improvements to Admin Area
VSIX-749 - Spacing around 'user started replying to ticket' notification
VSIX-751 - Update Ticket Escalations page for customisable crons directory path
VSIX-752 - Improve 'Split Selected Ticket Replies' popup formatting
VSIX-756 - Promo code validation should not require customer fields to be filled out first
VSIX-758 - Inactive domains can still access management options in My Domains dropdown
VSIX-760 - Unable to right click links in support tickets
VSIX-771 - Cron setup comand not using custom crons path when defined
VSIX-774 - Client area invoices list should display newest invoices at the top
VSIX-775 - Admin login remember me checkbox option not taking effect
VSIX-778 - Delete credit in admin Manage Credits window non-functional
VSIX-779 - cPanel client area product interface manage domain button links incorrectly
VSIX-782 - Addons should not be available for purchase from product details page when in suspended status
VSIX-786 - Add assigned IPs to intelligent search
VSIX-787 - Add additional translations to Turkish language file
VSIX-790 - ProgramExit should always be caught by Terminus
VSIX-794 - Prevent fatal error when building the serviceView primary sidebar
VSIX-795 - Broken display when session times out during writing ticket reply
VSIX-796 - Spanish client area language file update
VSIX-798 - Resolve warning in admin add order process when ordering a server product
VSIX-800 - Client area credit card checkout page should display client company name if defined
VSIX-801 - An expiring domain should only appear in the lowest Expiring In domain category
VSIX-803 - Update legacy cron job proxy email notification with more direct help url
VSIX-808 - Validate language name before constructing language object
VSIX-809 - Add style to Mass Update Items "Submit" button
VSIX-810 - Improve style of 'Addon Module Activated/Deactivated' Messages
VSIX-811 - Transaction delete when viewing an invoice not working
VSIX-814 - Add Turkish admin area translation
VSIX-815 - Domain checker not showing error on TLD not supported
VSIX-816 - Refine behaviour of credit transaction log entries in admin invoice transactions list
VSIX-817 - Implement backwards compatibility for custom pages calling methods
VSIX-818 - Quotes fail to delete from the admin clients quotes list
VSIX-836 - WHMCS Connect Server Dropdown can double list server entries


MODULE-6216 - eNom Truste: Remove module since service is now discontinued
VSIX-741 - Licensing Addon: Total Licenses and Accessed within the Past 30 Days Render Same
VSIX-765 - TCPDF latest release has problem processing PNG image files
VSIX-781 - MediaCP module including class file when not required
VSIX-791 - Licensing Addon: Implement new client area product detail output control logic
VSIX-802 - cPanel Login to Webmail sidebar link should have hostname take priority
VSIX-812 - Fix undefined notice being generated by recaptcha library