Changelog:WHMCS V6.0.0 RC 1

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Version 6.0.0 Beta Release Notes


ADDON-5945 - Add VAT Number Invalid language string to language files by default
CORE-8460 - Update WHOIS Server for .ua
CORE-8465 - Update WHOIS Servers for .es TLDs
CORE-8504 - Update WHOIS Server for .lt
    Also known as: CORE-8537
CORE-8513 - Add protection against window opener location redirects
CORE-8518 - AsiaPay: Update to require Security Hash Key for callbacks
CORE-8525 - Update WHOIS Server for
CORE-8527 - Update WHOIS Servers for .cn TLDs
CORE-8530 - Add WHOIS Server for .world
CORE-8531 - Add WHOIS Server for .attorney
CORE-8534 - Add Hebrew Client Area Language File
CORE-8537 - Update WHOIS Server for .lt
    Also known as: CORE-8504
VSIX-27 - Implement eNom & ResellerClub Signup within the product
VSIX-121 - Upgrade/downgrade page displays empty sidebar when renewal invoice already exists
VSIX-345 - Add summaries and descriptions to user-facing class docblocks
VSIX-367 - Update project management addon to take advantage of new client area functionality
VSIX-404 - Register menu item should be hidden when Allow Client Registration is disabled
VSIX-411 - Implement dedicated cPanel client area account management interface
VSIX-439 - Add currency selection to domain checker
VSIX-443 - Make the WHMCS Version number available to addon modules
VSIX-449 - Installer back link on database connection error does not work
VSIX-454 - Allow developers and template authors to control module output by template
VSIX-459 - Remove Addon Example Module from distribution
VSIX-469 - Check to ensure MySQL strict mode is disabled prior to installation
VSIX-502 - Admin area email compose preview message not working
VSIX-503 - Server status in client area fails to load
VSIX-504 - Mass actions in admin ticket list not refreshing ticket list
VSIX-505 - Client area print is omitting primary content container
VSIX-510 - Add contact tab in admin area always displays email validation error
VSIX-515 - Addon modules storing passwords incorrectly on re-save
VSIX-545 - Mobile Friendly Optimisations for Client Area Theme
VSIX-547 - Retire Portal and Classic templates
VSIX-552 - Fix strict notice being generated by product associated downloads
VSIX-558 - Login and license error page should be centered vertically
VSIX-559 - Message Preview not working when rich-text is disabled for email messages
VSIX-560 - Relocate all cron/cli files to the crons directory
VSIX-564 - Custom fields not saving on order form checkout
VSIX-565 - Load Saved Message non-functional in admin send message page
VSIX-569 - Google ReCaptcha fails to display when using SSL
VSIX-578 - Cron is not suspending overdue services
VSIX-579 - Domain management sidebar should display menu items as disabled when domain not Active
VSIX-588 - Domains with a zero price cannot be ordered
VSIX-589 - Order Days Grace Setting is not saved
VSIX-590 - Sidebar ticket status filter dropdown always selects Awaiting Reply
VSIX-603 - Correct vertical padding of submit buttons and powered by line
VSIX-611 - Incorrect asset path in Windows when using a virtual directory.