Changelog:WHMCS V6.0.2

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Version 6.0.2 Release Notes


CORE-6285 (#3056) - Prevent upgrade/downgrade to an out-of-stock product
CORE-8468 - Allow input of 4 digits in CVV field for AMEX card types
CORE-8620 - Make PDF Templates use admin defined font
CORE-8636 - Prevent text overflow in domain list expiry status filter options in Six template
    Also known as: CORE-8796, VSIX-722
CORE-8638 - Ensure all what would you like to do today links in domain details page link to correct place
    Also known as: CORE-8797
CORE-8663 - Automatically hide Blend theme sidebar on mobile devices
CORE-8664 - Make shopping cart domain configuration UI more user friendly for mobile users
CORE-8715 - Allow attachments to be deleted in email template configuration
CORE-8718 - Fix logo home url path when using SEO URLs in Six Template
CORE-8719 - Ensure greeting is appropriate to logged in user for sub-accounts
CORE-8720 - Support ticket merge fields missing from "Available Merge Fields" in email template config
CORE-8729 - Domain transfer greyout does not allow transfer order to continue in Slider template
CORE-8743 - Ensure Module Debug Logging obeys toggle setting
CORE-8756 - Cache schema in the abstract model for improved performance
CORE-8757 - Prevent fatal error when attempting to use custom transliteration hook function
CORE-8759 - Registration Period incorrectly displayed on Configure Domains page
CORE-8760 - Fix link paths in Recent News when SEO URLs are enabled in Six template
CORE-8761 - Success message box is empty on password change
CORE-8765 - Domain Transfer order results in loop in Boxes order form template
CORE-8766 - Product Addon configuration renders incorrect welcome email as selected
CORE-8767 - Use 24 Hour Clock in Change Network Issues and Project Management Time Picker
CORE-8768 - Knowledgebase tag search links to incorrect article under certain conditions
CORE-8769 - Product Custom Fields save incorrectly when using a friendly display name
CORE-8773 - Client Area Product Details uses incorrect password change message in Six template
CORE-8787 - Improve pop email import department routing logic
    Also known as: CORE-8780
CORE-8791 - Auto Renew domain toggle setting does not immediately reflect change
CORE-8804 - Gracefully handle large search sets with Enom
CORE-8807 - Update .ae whois servers entry
    Also known as: MODULE-6286
CORE-8808 - Always pass a valid IP in SagePay API calls
CORE-8809 - Improve dropdown menu display within admin area
CORE-8810 - Username should be available to module templates
CORE-8814 - Product upgrade options will not allow deselecting associated upgrade products
CORE-8815 - Selecting Semi-Annual billing cycle does not trigger a recalculate pricing call
CORE-8817 - Date picker should be displayed in Convert to Invoice prompt
CORE-8818 - Client notes fail to delete when requested
CORE-8819 - Upcoming expiring domains client area filters should exclude expired domains
CORE-8825 - Rating a KB article fails when SEO URLs are enabled in Five template
CORE-8834 - Fix Pending Orders sidebar link in v4 admin template
CORE-8835 - Ensure calendar renders in front of tax rate input field in Invoice Options tab
CORE-8837 - Pricing for 0.00 TLDs incorrect on Bulk Domain Transfer
CORE-8839 - Admin open ticket routine does not honour selected priority
CORE-8844 - Order form summary should update on change of billing cycle in Modern template
CORE-8864 - Client area downloads not calculating file sizes correctly
CORE-8866 - Update .uno whois server entry
CORE-8873 - Add support for navbar links to open in a new window
CORE-8876 - Refine responsive behaviour of Blend admin area theme
CORE-8878 - Admin support ticket view client log tab should render appropriately for guest ticket submitters
CORE-8880 - Search/Filter tab should be togglable where it is not opened by default
CORE-8904 - Enforce access control to admin single sign-on appropriately
CORE-8905 - Six template is not utilizing options to buy domain addons; ID Protection, DNS Management, Email Forwarding
VSIX-202 - Remove javascript code from contacts template files
VSIX-330 - Lack of admin lang directory should fail with a graceful warning message
VSIX-609 - Add support for jsonResponse to addon modules
VSIX-664 - Admin logout occurs when attempting to add order to Closed client
VSIX-750 - Provide link to view printable invoice from admin area
VSIX-804 - Do not allow selection of None server option when product requires one
VSIX-822 - Ensure client area ticket list view filters work in all languages
VSIX-887 - Incremental updates throw ambiguous exception when import fails


ADDON-5955 - Project Management Addon: Fix attachment file upload paths
ADDON-5960 - eNom New TLDs Addon - Fix empty salt error message
MODULE-6275 - OpenSRS: Implement Cookie Bypass Authentication Method
MODULE-6278 - Fix telephone number auto formatting in ResellerClub module
MODULE-6284 - eNom Namespinner should fallback gracefully on TLD is not supported error


CORE-8792 - Make it possible to translate confirm existing password text in admin area
CORE-8793 - Make Search and Transfer buttons in header translatable
    Also known as: CORE-8849
CORE-8794 - Make twitter feed follow text use language translation file string