Changelog:WHMCS V6.3.1

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Version 6.3.1 Release Notes


CORE-9888 - Improve markdown formatting for nested lists
CORE-9896 - Prevent fatal error when attempting to activate secondary language for email templates
    Also known as: CORE-9901
CORE-9898 - Improve markdown formatting in client email notification of new support tickets
CORE-9899 - Clear support ticket note draft storage on successful submission
CORE-9902 - Do not create invoices for free products/services at time of order
    Also known as: CORE-9980
CORE-9903 - Prevent CSS styling rules from rendering in plain-text version of email messages
CORE-9905 - Send message properly populates email from client in client services page
CORE-9907 - Ensure Carbon object is always available to Renew function
CORE-9911 - Easy translation should fallback to default language
CORE-9913 - Easy Translation should allow HTML in product descriptions
    Also known as: MODULE-6393
CORE-9917 - Update Easy Translation field configuration logic to ensure translations can be deleted properly
CORE-9921 - Remove erroneous spaces from admin area open new ticket message box
CORE-9922 - Exclude merged tickets from "Awaiting Reply" count in admin area
CORE-9929 - Exclude merged tickets from Support Tickets Overview widget
CORE-9933 - Fix invalid shorthand attribute syntax in OAuth layout template
CORE-9940 - Prevent markdown editor word count failing for certain languages
    Also known as: MODULE-6390
CORE-9948 - Show markdown editor when composing new client notes
CORE-9951 - Prevent hidden configurable options from showing up in client order summary
CORE-9955 - Fix handling of emails where subject contains a non-existent ticket mask


ADDON-5985 - Provide Project Manager reports unencoded
MODULE-6384 - GlobalSign SSL: Update module port to new 4.x API
MODULE-6385 - Interworx: Only fall back to server IP if hostname not available
MODULE-6391 - TPP Wholesale Registrar: Fix invalid method reference
MODULE-6394 - OnlineNIC: Resolve failing response validation and processing
    Also known as: CORE-9919
MODULE-6395 - Address Two-Factor Authentication activation conflict with Markdown editor
CORE-9794 - eNom SSL: Clear cart if transactions are pending from a previous eNom session
CORE-9857 - Use more predictable method of determining a clients preferred payment gateway


CORE-9918 - Ensure GetClientsProducts returns product custom fields in client's language
CORE-9937 - Ensure API GetSupportStatuses is returning all support ticket statuses
CORE-9945 - Improve UpdateClient API support of 'password2' parameter


CORE-9878 - Turkish translation additions and improvements to client and admin area
CORE-9909 - Portuguese translation additions and improvements
CORE-9927 - Romanian translation additions and improvements to client area
CORE-9931 - Portugese domain search translation improvements
CORE-9936 - Arabic translation additions and improvements