Changelog:WHMCS V7.0.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1058 - Featured Spotlight TLD Promotion
FEATURE-1080 - New update notification display in admin header
FEATURE-1458 - APIs for setting configuration values and activating/configuring modules
FEATURE-1459 - Quick Start Setup Wizard for new installation configuration
FEATURE-1460 - Quick Start Setup Wizard for configuring General Settings
FEATURE-1461 - Quick Start Setup Wizard for configuring Payment Gateways
FEATURE-1462 - Quick Start Setup Wizard for configuring Domains
FEATURE-1463 - Quick Start Setup Wizard for configuring Servers
FEATURE-1464 - Shortcut to access Quick Start Setup Wizard
FEATURE-1494 - Simple Product Configuration Mode for Provisioning Modules Module Settings
FEATURE-1499 - Support for Customisations/Overrides to WHOIS Servers
FEATURE-1505 - Support for Customisations/Overrides to Additional Domain Fields
FEATURE-1512 - Support for Customisations/Overrides to Countries
FEATURE-1543 - Optimisations to PayPal Integration for Improved Conversion Rates


ADDON-5988 - Ensure Bulk Pricing Updater addon respects 'ID Protection' filter on domains
CORE-8188 - Improve XCache compatibility with viewing invoices
CORE-8910 - Improve widget placement customization on the admin homepage
CORE-9112 - Properly hide 'default gateway' option from client's profile when 'Clients Choose Gateway' option is not ticked
CORE-9272 - Improve text wrapping support in buttons in the client area
CORE-9458 - Improve messaging when attempting to download a file while not authenticated in the client area
CORE-9485 - Ensure registrarfunctions is available when using ClientAreaCustomButtonArray in registrar modules
CORE-9604 - Improve recalculate tax option during checkout when not logged into client area
CORE-9695 - Provide consistency in the password strength checking during the order process
CORE-9696 - Convert mixed case capitalization when 'Use My Own Domain' is selected to lower case
CORE-9697 - Fix one time affiliate payout option to allow consistent enabling and disabling of option
CORE-9703 - Ensure quotes obey client's tax exempt status
CORE-9710 - Ensure referral status is properly styled for all languages in client area affiliate page
    Also known as: CORE-10052
CORE-9778 - Ensure OpenID 'cancel' and 'return to cPanel' links function properly
CORE-9810 - Ensure Addon Name is available in Addon Welcome email
CORE-9815 - Improve formatting of SSL order date in SSL Configuration Process
CORE-9845 - Disable "Renew Now" homepage button if renewal is disabled on Domains Expiring Soon home panel
CORE-9859 - Ensure the ticket priority and status opened by guests are displayed in the default language
CORE-9897 - Improve performance of domain checker with 900+ TLD prices
CORE-9915 - Improve success messaging upon saving Easy Translation fields
CORE-9963 - Preserve input values of Invoice Add Payment tab upon validation failure
CORE-9983 - Improve admin email reply processing for piped emails containing certain characters
CORE-9989 - Improve Mass Pay process to remove unnecessary Credit Applied/Removed transaction history
CORE-9992 - Update .me whois server
CORE-9995 - Increase size of group for Subscription ID on Client Hosting/Domain Pages
CORE-9997 - Explicity define the response type for markdown preview requests
CORE-10000 - Ensure Hidden Configurable Options are not shown on Order Confirmation Email
CORE-10003 - Update to .ao whois server
CORE-10007 - Update to .pro whois server
    Also known as: MODULE-6405
CORE-10008 - Adding any status to admin ticket filter should show all tickets
CORE-10009 - Improve the display of plain text emails
CORE-10012 - Ensure users imported with cPanel/WHM Utility can log in
CORE-10014 - Generate more user friendly passwords with reset password & send option in client details page
CORE-10019 - Add ability to enable ticket feedback request on close on a per department basis
CORE-10023 - Update .club whois match string
CORE-10025 - Extend CC expiration date support in order process
CORE-10054 - Update to .pro whois server
CORE-10058 - Resolve PHP notices generated by pop cron run
CORE-10061 - Improve domain status filtering in client area with certain languages
CORE-10068 - Improve selected currency display on mobile platforms and lower resolutions
CORE-10069 - Ensure jQuery calls won't conflict with other JS libraries for Two-Factor Auth Activation
CORE-10086 - Improve handling of Knowledge Base links that contain apostrophes
CORE-10111 - Remove client dropdown format setting
CORE-10112 - Improve UX of Client Selectize Dropdown
CORE-10117 - Remove browser utility from Utilities menu
CORE-10123 - Create module class autoloader
CORE-10144 - Do not invoke hooks or language files in Chatstack instantiation
CORE-10147 - Ensure Fraud Check error messages appear in all scenarios
CORE-10182 - Do not show secure notice in shopping cart when SSL is not available
CORE-10190 - Add further protection for HTTPoxy
CORE-10192 - Add notice about free disk space required to perform an update


MODULE-6373 - [Plesk] Improve handling of connection errors on clientsservices.php
MODULE-6397 - [ResellerClub] Update DNS Manager to limit DNS results to 50 per page
MODULE-6402 - [EnomSSL] Only run DeleteFromCart when cart is empty
MODULE-6417 - [eNom] Provide in-product guidance on creating API Tokens
MODULE-6421 - [PayPal] Ensure a3 value on subscription value does not exceed 2dp
CORE-9700 - Pass serviceID value when cancelling PayPal Subscriptions on upgrade orders


CORE-8502 - Improve AdminAreaPage hook functionality in populating variables
CORE-8549 - Improve API stability by allowing customization of deserialization length
    Also known as: MODULE-6261
CORE-9639 - Update Client API doesn't call ClientEdit Hook
CORE-9982 - Ensure API:getclientsproducts returns name value
    Also known as: CORE-9986
CORE-10042 - Improve UpdateContact API support of 'password2' parameter
CORE-10050 - Improve ClientAreaPageLogin hook
CORE-10066 - Hook ContactEdit should provide previous contact data as part of its input params
CORE-10075 - Ensure GetTickets API call does not return merged tickets


CORE-9889 - Fix German Domain Register menu item translation string
CORE-9958 - French client area translation additions and improvements
CORE-9962 - Portuguese translation additions and improvements
CORE-9967 - English language translation additions and improvements
CORE-10221 - Spanish Language translation additions and improvement
    Also known as: ADDON-5987