Changelog:WHMCS V7.0.0 Beta 2

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Version 7.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1502 - Use SSL for all client facing page requests when SSL is enabled


CORE-8945 - Prevent erroneous default payment method changed log entry on client profile save
CORE-9285 - Only run QuoteCreated hook after quote has been fully saved
CORE-9590 - Improve Product Addon Associated Downloads box resizing
CORE-9759 - Keep hostname separate from domain name registration on View Cart page
CORE-9830 - Improve enable domain renewal orders support with Six template
CORE-9890 - Provide consistent language translation when viewing invoices using View as Client link
    Also known as: CORE-9244
CORE-9993 - Ensure password verification failure fails gracefully when password hash is unknown
CORE-10037 - Set secure flag for session cookies when using SSL
CORE-10096 - Add whois server for .family extension
CORE-10134 - Apply Markdown to Escalation Rule replies
CORE-10196 - Pressing enter on admin client services page should save changes
CORE-10224 - Ensure eNom Namespinner Configuration Modal closes on save
CORE-10225 - Improve stability of Health and Updates page when an SSL URL is defined
CORE-10226 - Ensure Second Level TLD availability displays correctly in Spotlight TLDs
CORE-10228 - Ensure Health and Updates are sorted by severity
CORE-10229 - Allow users to step backwards within setup wizard
CORE-10230 - Email templates should always be stored without entity encoding
CORE-10235 - Improve UX when editing a ticket reply
CORE-10236 - Setup Wizard language defaults to Arabic under certain conditions
CORE-10237 - Ticket Feedback event for Departments not triggered
CORE-10239 - Allow user to trigger invoice mark paid routine for Unpaid invoices with zero balance due
CORE-10240 - Report printable view should retain print mode when altering filter
CORE-10241 - Intelligent search should allow searching by invoice number for invoices
CORE-10247 - Improve wording of final step of Setup Wizard
CORE-10253 - Improve image display uploaded from Setup Wizard in system emails
CORE-10255 - Add trusted_dir to Smarty Security Policy
CORE-10256 - Use logo uploaded via Setup Wizard for PDF invoices
CORE-10261 - Ensure new invoice will generate on upgrade of product for which renewal invoice has already been generated
    Also known as: CORE-7163
CORE-10263 - Remove unnecessary warnings when saving addon modules configuring settings
CORE-10267 - Ensure server module screen displays FriendlyName and default values for fields


MODULE-6215 - OVH module update to support .fr domains
MODULE-6388 - [PayPal] Pass new service price for service when upgrading configurable options
MODULE-6423 - InternetSecure: No longer ship module due to service discontinuation
MODULE-6428 - WorldPay FuturePay: Allow viewing token via credit card modal without credit cards being enabled


CORE-10252 - Allow overriding of registration and renewal price for domains in orders via admin UI and API


CORE-10248 - Hebrew language Admin and Client area translation & improvements
CORE-10265 - Make hard-coded language translatable in credit card template