Changelog:WHMCS V7.0.0 GA

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Version 7.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1582 - Implement auto upgrade on exceeding license client limit


ADDON-5995 - Fix checkbox option saving in product module settings
CORE-9313 - Do not show cancellation link for products when disabled
CORE-9720 - Fix import from ticket mail import log detecting destination department incorrectly
CORE-10199 - cPanel Single Sign-On should not fail when disable session ip checking is enabled
CORE-10288 - Make language strings translatable in Setup Wizard
CORE-10298 - Display billing contact name & address information in credit card checkout
CORE-10302 - Validate logo image file upload type in Setup Wizard
CORE-10308 - Prevent SSL warnings when installer is used over SSL
CORE-10310 - Preserve date picker on date fields when performing module commands
CORE-10355 - Improve default language selection logic in Setup Wizard
CORE-10380 - Enter key on predefined ticket replies search field should not submit reply
CORE-10402 - Improve display of attachments spanning multiple lines in ticket view
CORE-10403 - Improve display of domain renewal page in shopping cart
CORE-10404 - Domain renewals should appear in the Actions sidebar menu of the shopping cart
CORE-10410 - Add .qa whois server
CORE-10422 - Update Cron Setup Information
CORE-10432 - Fix bug causing multiple domain lookup result responses to be displayed simultaneously
    Also known as: CORE-10436
CORE-10440 - Improve validation and invalid domain error condition handing in domain checker
CORE-10443 - whois server update
CORE-10444 - Domain status filter counts inaccurate in certain circumstances
CORE-10452 - Fix client area domain list view filter options not applying selected filter


MODULE-6447 - PayPal Payments Pro: Strip decimals for currencies which do not support them


CORE-10357 - Update to Spanish language translations
CORE-10407 - Update to Azerbaijani language translations
CORE-10408 - Update to Portuguese-Pt language translations
CORE-10433 - Update to Hebrew admin language translations
CORE-10455 - Update to Farsi client area language translations