Changelog:WHMCS V7.0.1

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Version 7.0.1 Release Notes


CORE-10479 - Ensure email replies to support ticket notifications pipe properly in all scenarios
CORE-10483 - Do not present domain order workflow if "I will use my own domain"
CORE-10484 - Improve handling of domain attributes when adding product to cart
CORE-10489 - Fix non-functional mass action buttons in admin client summary page
CORE-10491 - Improve functionality of Client Area service list filters
CORE-10502 - Ensure minimum year term for "free" domains adding in cart
CORE-10505 - Remove unnecessary option "Admin Force SSL Access" in general settings
CORE-10509 - Correct query for ungrouped invoice line item aggregation
CORE-10510 - Ensure consistent argument separator use across various environments


MODULE-6454 - eWAY Tokens - Prevent spaces being sent in EWAY_CARDNUMBER - V6110
CORE-10488 - Improve WHM package name auto detection logic


CORE-10499 - Update Spanish DomainIsUnavailable language string