Changelog:WHMCS V7.1.0 GA

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Version 7.1.0 Release Notes


CORE-10513 - Module Settings Retrieval Should Only Occur on Module Settings Tab
CORE-10629 - Add xml module to system requirements
CORE-10697 - Include ChartJs moment.js unbundled for better extensibility
CORE-10721 - Improve compatibility for chart based legacy widgets in new Dashboard
CORE-10724 - Ensure proper HTML entity encoding for "sendadminemail" API
CORE-10727 - Provide refresh button on Update page to synchronize update & license information
CORE-10729 - Improper rendering of Client Summary with non-English admin language
CORE-10740 - Cron Digest Email does not contain details of task work
CORE-10741 - Allow TLD Sale Groups in client area to be translatable
CORE-10744 - Improve handling of Stripe API Connection error
CORE-10751 - Any Status showing mutliple times in admin area support ticket status filter dropdown
    Also known as: CORE-10748
CORE-10755 - Client Summary's check all action should only select visible items
CORE-10759 - Provide info alert when changing the Daily Cron Hour in Automation Settings
CORE-10762 - Ensure system cron 'skip' will perform all due daily tasks
    Also known as: CORE-10761
CORE-10763 - Proactively inform admin via email if daily tasks have not run due to mis-configuration
    Also known as: CORE-10760
CORE-10764 - Add Update Available to Cron Daily Digest email
CORE-10779 - markdown insert image button preview is non functional


MODULE-6237 - Remove module from distribution
    Also known as: CORE-8425
MODULE-6435 - Improve handling of payment currency for WorldPay
MODULE-6451 - Update Realtime Register TestMode URL
CORE-10717 - Update query for configure SSL to prevent PDO error
CORE-10750 - Allow separate contacts for LogicBoxes based modules


CORE-10708 - Improve addproduct API input handling for product descriptions
CORE-10781 - Ensure API getticketcounts function uses same criteria as ticket search form


CORE-10709 - Improvements for client and admin area Hungarian translations
CORE-10731 - Additions for client area Arabic translations