Changelog:WHMCS V7.1.0 RC 1

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Version 7.1 Release Notes


FEATURE-1593 - Store and display last capture attempt date for invoices
FEATURE-1611 - Add ApplePay support to Stripe payment gateway
FEATURE-1612 - Add ability to customise the statement description for Stripe


CORE-7379 (#4684) - Ensure recurring promotion code is applied to renewal invoices
    Also known as: CORE-7562
CORE-10623 - Prevent duplicate header and footer when resending email
CORE-10630 - Allow "Network Status" widget to be seen by all administrators
CORE-10662 - Email Marketer: Add After Next Due Date criteria
CORE-10663 - Domain status with space not translated in Submit Ticket
CORE-10666 - Allow Remote Storage with Disable Credit Card Storage Option
CORE-10667 - Module Queue resolve action erroneously presents error message
CORE-10676 - Update .sa whois server definitions
CORE-10688 - Report Uptime and Average Load in Network Status widget
CORE-10689 - Improve cron digest email css alignment in desktop view
CORE-10690 - Implement "Client Activity" Admin dashboard widget
CORE-10691 - Improve UI of domain lookup provider selection modal
CORE-10692 - Correct CSS definition for orange status badge icon
CORE-10696 - Correct Badges widget title


MODULE-6472 - ResellerClub/LogicBoxes Transfer Policy required contact API management updates
CORE-10669 - Ensure proper rendering of premium domain pricing across multiple searches


CORE-10594 - Update admin and client area Arabic translations
CORE-10602 - Updated client area Romanian translations
CORE-10664 - Update admin area Dutch translations