Changelog:WHMCS V7.10.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.10.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2180 - MarketConnect: Introduce Marketgoo SEO Service Offering
FEATURE-2182 - Add Image Upload to Knowledgebase Article Editor
FEATURE-2186 - Add Assigned Admin search field in ticket search
FEATURE-2237 - Provide UI for Admin to alter the associated service for a support ticket
FEATURE-2238 - Add TLD Import & Pricing Sync Tool for Domain Registrars
FEATURE-2245 - Add Additional Cron Task Action & Event Logging
FEATURE-2249 - Provide Email Preferences for primary client profile users
FEATURE-2253 - MarketConnect: Introduce the Weebly Free Plan
FEATURE-2263 - Add Cron Task Reporting to Automation Status UI
FEATURE-2266 - Add TLD Import & Pricing Sync support to Enom module
FEATURE-2268 - Add TLD Import & Pricing Sync support to ResellerClub/Logicboxes modules


ADDON-5957 - Ensure Bulk Pricing Updater does not affect secondary TLDs
    Also known as: ADDON-6008, MODULE-7305
ADDON-6117 - Add Module Debug Logging to PayPal Transaction Lookup
CORE-10554 - Improve efficiency of cart.php with large amount of configurable options
CORE-13545 - Correct calculation for "Auto recalculate on save" option on service in system with inclusive tax for tax exempt client
CORE-13616 - Correct invisible recaptcha and field validation order precedence
CORE-13885 - Improve Server Sync Tool reseller package name detection
CORE-14028 - Prevent Auto Client Status Sync from deactivating clients with recurring billable items
CORE-14033 - Ensure Status Change Event Notifcation is triggered by actioned escalation rule
CORE-14071 - Remove reference to jQueryUI in Modern orderform
CORE-14109 - Update SpamExperts logo
CORE-14120 - Show translated support department name on submitticket.php as guest
CORE-14124 - Ensure translated KB articles are not returned in search results if language is not selected
CORE-14132 - Ensure server group save retains associated servers
CORE-14139 - Correct language key used for billable item descriptions
CORE-14157 - Correct generated links for Current Quotes on Client Summary
CORE-14163 - Prevent erroneous error for case changes to email address in client area
CORE-14178 - Ensure Escalation Rules can manage custom ticket status with comma character
CORE-14181 - Optimize Usage Billing data collection from cPanel
CORE-14190 - Update GoDaddy logo
CORE-14192 - Ensure credit applied to invoice shows on Credit Reviewer Report
CORE-14200 - Improve Admin login button generation for Centovacast
CORE-14201 - Translate "Stage" on Quotes page
CORE-14205 - Correct PDF invoice line item generation for domain names of transliterated equivalence
CORE-14209 - Improve duration description of Client For on new clients
CORE-14219 - Improve SSL Certificate Monitoring report aggregation
CORE-14227 - Improve WHMCS\Domain\Registrar\Domain class documentation
CORE-14231 - Add health check to warning when directories expected to be restricted are browseable
CORE-14245 - Ensure checkout preselects default payment method
CORE-14250 - Allow configuration of suggest TLD list for registrar based lookup providers
CORE-14264 - Gracefully redirect when attempting to view a nonexistent product in Admin area
CORE-14269 - Perform appropriate redirect with directly referencing cart fraud check URL
CORE-14272 - Translate "Email Sent" for client area email verification status/button
CORE-14276 - Improve checkout redirect for remote input gateway
CORE-14278 - Add {$service_subscription_id} merge field for product/service e-mail templates
CORE-14289 - Minor styling improvements for Admin download management
CORE-14294 - New UI/UX for Email Marketer
CORE-14307 - Prevent erroneous deletion block of pay method when associated to a nonexistent billing contact
CORE-14311 - Ensure both payment and overpayment on a Add Funds invoice is applied to client account
CORE-14313 - Correct displayed price for upgrade orders with 100% discount promo
    Also known as: CORE-14325
CORE-14315 - Improve knowledgebase tag search
    Also known as: CORE-14330
CORE-14316 - Correct disk & bandwidth metrics on cPanel
CORE-14319 - Prevent error when using a Duotone FontAwesome icon is custom sidebar
CORE-14331 - Correct typo in Credit Card Expiring Soon email template
    Also known as: CORE-14332
CORE-14372 - MarketConnect: Introduce new DigiCert SSL Certificates
PMA-155 - Correct data range usage for Staff Logs Report
PMA-156 - Correct version in manifest file


MODULE-6567 - Correct package change for cPanel reseller accounts
    Also known as: MODULE-7233
MODULE-7237 - Improve error message on Plaid failure
MODULE-7240 - Improve error handling if Stripe and Plaid have not been linked
MODULE-7255 - Update Slack integration to utilize their Conversations API
MODULE-7265 - Improve accuracy of rounded percentage saving on VPN landing page
MODULE-7267 - Correct logo overflow in MarketConnect landing pages
MODULE-7271 - Update cert.pem file
MODULE-7280 - Ensure Slack notification recieves correct entity encoding for URL parameter
    Also known as: INTDESK-6072
MODULE-7294 - Remove erroneous country restriction for PayPal account linking
MODULE-7302 - Correct cPanel API usage for changing reseller package
MODULE-7303 - Remove Kuveytturk gateway module
MODULE-7306 - Correct disk & bandwidth metrics for resellers on DirectAdmin
MODULE-7308 - Improve feedback for ResellerClub disallowed IP error
MODULE-7309 - Prevent fatal error when collecting cPanel reseller stats with underprivileged API credentials


CORE-14248 - Improve Turkish translation