Changelog:WHMCS V7.10.0 RC 1

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Version 7.10.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2188 - Include notes when evaluating ticket content collision and token detection
FEATURE-2267 - Implement Service Selection on Open Ticket in admin area
CORE-14262 - Implement TLD category json override file
CORE-14386 - Add image upload support to email editor


CORE-7491 (#4855) - Use translation string for "Amount Due" related to config option upgrade
CORE-14283 - Ensure auto setup performed when mass accepting orders
CORE-14347 - Prevent orphaned translations on delete of knowledgebase article
CORE-14349 - Refine documentation for DomainEdit hook
CORE-14359 - Add Option to Set Auto Register when syncing TLDs pricing
CORE-14366 - Add Support Tickets link to Support section of sidebar
CORE-14373 - Add indicator for automatic registration setting to TLD Sync Utility
CORE-14374 - Add option to disable rendering of Email Preferences in client area
CORE-14375 - Ensure at least one client or contact receives Domain emails
CORE-14376 - Prevent spurious error on upgrade to 7.10.0-beta.1
CORE-14378 - Display an admin warning when Hooks Debug mode is enabled
CORE-14389 - Inspect and remove broken characters on ticket email import
CORE-14390 - Correct query for staff replies on Support Overview
CORE-14394 - Add enable/disable toggle for AutoAuth in Settings
CORE-14417 - Add setYears method for irregular year configurations


MODULE-7307 - Prevent erroneous validation failure when updated settings
MODULE-7317 - Improve logic expression to prevent Stripe payment failure due to system environment
MODULE-7320 - Update SSL Landing Page EV Messaging
MODULE-7321 - Improve robustness of cron creditcard capture routine


CORE-14385 - Implement CreateClientSsoToken API
CORE-14392 - Implement email preference management to Client and Contact APIs
CORE-14393 - Implement CreateOrUpdateTLD API


CORE-14310 - Hungarian language improvements
CORE-14384 - Hungarian language improvements