Changelog:WHMCS V7.10.1

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Version 7.10.1 Release Notes


CORE-14451 - Correct September Date Translation In Announcements
CORE-14473 - Improve tracking and display of manually applied recurring promo
CORE-14497 - Correct observed currency from multi-level accounts of ResellerClub for TLD Sync
CORE-14505 - Correct currency conversion of grace and redemption fees for non-default currency in TLD Sync
CORE-14506 - Improve logic for modification of default email template on update
CORE-14508 - Improve cache for admin operations regarding paymethod management
CORE-14514 - Ensure Auto Recalculate does not add exclusive tax
CORE-14515 - Correct default selection of Weebly Free on orders
CORE-14516 - Correct upgrade routine for Weebly Free
CORE-14518 - Correct admin client search
CORE-14519 - Prevent error on autocapture for credit cards
CORE-14520 - Ensure Manage Domain option is visible in the Weebly MarketConnect Overview tab
CORE-14524 - Prevent error when attempting to access store pages that require authentication
CORE-14532 - Correct factorial of IDR currency values from ResellerClub for TLD Sync


MODULE-7299 - Correct filter by currency on Transactions Report
MODULE-7316 - Ensure fraud processing can occur with GoCardless
MODULE-7329 - Correct payment status for invoices paid in full with credit but have PayPal Checkout subscription
MODULE-7345 - Prevent error on md5 check in Licending Addon
MODULE-7346 - Correct usage metric value of sub-accounts for DirectAdmin


CORE-14537 - Correct transfer data evaluation for CreateOrUpdateTLD API


CORE-14499 - Improvements for Norwegian translation
CORE-14502 - Improvements for French translation
CORE-14511 - Improvements for Hungarian translation