Changelog:WHMCS V7.2.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.2.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1054 - Implement ACL control for Admin Reports
FEATURE-1055 - Implement API Credentials for Admins
FEATURE-1081 - Provide "What's New" feature highlights following WHMCS update
FEATURE-1096 - Attribute local API calls to "Local API User" if and Admin ID is not provided
FEATURE-1244 - Implement Product Addons provisioning module configuration & commands
FEATURE-1433 - Allow Admin ability to use a duplicate Transaction ID when adding payment to an invoice
FEATURE-1629 - Introduction of MarketConnect - Automated configuration and provisioning of value-added services
FEATURE-1630 - Reintroduce Client Area TLD Pricing page with improved layout and merchandising
FEATURE-1633 - Introduction of SlimPay Direct Debit module
FEATURE-1666 - Client Area Styling Update for 7.2
FEATURE-1668 - Implement Client Area SSL Manage page


CORE-9684 - Correct ticket-to-ClientID association in Options tab of ticket view
CORE-9761 - Ensure consistent tax values between order summary and invoice
CORE-10140 - Increase time limit in pop.php when mailbox contains a large number of emails
CORE-10156 - Allow ValidateLogin API to return boolean response without session information when client has 2FA
CORE-10465 - Only render security question fields if configured on Admin Add Order
CORE-10534 - Remove unnecessary conditional include of deprecated /includes/whoisservers.php
CORE-10632 - Ensure generation and deliver of Quote Accepted Notification to Admin
CORE-10699 - Improve template name validation when creating template from Send Message
CORE-10723 - Ensure Admin UI displays correct assigned server for client's product
CORE-10793 - Update Client Signup Email to contain a clickable link to Client Area portal
CORE-10801 - Prevent erroneous focus and subsequent scroll when loading Product Selection page
CORE-10815 - Correct login action within Modern order form template
CORE-10826 - Ensure Annual Income Report has tooltip data for bar graph items
CORE-10855 - Pass only applicable parameters when invoking an Addon module's upgrade function
CORE-10894 - Observe provided currency when editing a transaction not associated with an invoice
CORE-10902 - Resolve Safari browser JS error on Client Summary Admin page
CORE-10908 - Correct HTML values when using translations for Quote Status
CORE-10913 - Introduce Admin permission for managing Escalation Rules
CORE-10915 - Resolve deprecated syntax in BluePay module
CORE-10918 - Correct spelling of text within Setup > Automation Settings
CORE-10921 - Improve WHMCS Update availability detection & notification
CORE-10925 - Improve inspection of multiple host entry in Enom responses
CORE-10926 - Implement alternative date representation as workaround for MySQL bug #68795
CORE-10947 - .fm whois server update
CORE-10999 - Implement ability to trigger a payment reversal via the Admin Area invoice UI
CORE-11038 - Addon Module Sample in GitHub gives AdminDispatcher PHP Fatal Error when used
DEV-431 - Implement AuthAdmin and AuthAdminApi hooks


MODULE-6371 - Correct Enom API interaction to activate Email Forwarding
MODULE-6482 - Ensure Phone Number CC is appropriately provided to ResellerClub
MODULE-6485 - Prevent erroneous attempts to update all contact types for ResellerClub
MODULE-6486 - Reimplement Stripe JS to avoid jQuery & Firefox upstream bug
MODULE-6487 - Improve pre-invoice card detail update logic for remote storage modules
    Also known as: CORE-10817
MODULE-6490 - Improve Stripe no-decimal currency management
MODULE-6504 - Ensure address is provided when updating credit card with Stripe
MODULE-6508 - Prevent malformed expiry date format as provided by Stripe
MODULE-6518 - Improve Stripe browser compatibility in Admin Area card detail update form


CORE-10679 - Resolve erroneous negative response for ValidateLogin API
    Also known as: CORE-10114
CORE-10904 - Ensure valid JSON response when aggregating against malformed data


CORE-10895 - Improvements for client area Portuguese-pt translation
CORE-10910 - Refinement to German translations
CORE-10943 - Update to Croatian translations