Changelog:WHMCS V7.2.0 Beta 2

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Version 7.2.0 Release Notes


CORE-11002 - Implement MarketConnect Advanced Setup Activation
CORE-11063 - Add automated settings for invoice behaviors upon payment reversal


CORE-10992 - Ensure email verification dismissal persists throughout current session
CORE-11037 - Add more pre-checkout validation for store products that require domain selection
CORE-11066 - Improve promotion detection for DV SSL
CORE-11071 - Refactor admin page access timestamp inspection to workaround upstream datetime bug
CORE-11073 - Allow extra action dropdown options to be viewed in MarketConnect Manage modal
CORE-11077 - Refinements to client area styling for MarketConnect related pages
CORE-11078 - Ensure proper type casting with saving a client Custom Fields
CORE-11081 - Update landing page graphics for MarketConnect products
CORE-11085 - Correct display price of Product Addons in client area
CORE-11086 - Correct cPanel usage stats query updated for product addons
CORE-11093 - Refine URI Path Management UI Setting
CORE-11095 - Update v4 Admin template to include MarketConnect navigation link
CORE-11099 - Improve invoice total aggregation of taxed and non-taxed items
CORE-11102 - Improve MarketConnect UI messaging when experiencing network outage


MODULE-6529 - Refine UX of Market Connect Addons in Cart Process