Changelog:WHMCS V7.2.0 Beta 3

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Version 7.2.0 Release Notes


CORE-10966 - Update ClientLogin hook to itemize 'contactid' value when applicable
CORE-11082 - Update cPanel Server Configuration for WHM API Token Authentication
CORE-11103 - Provide "Configure Certificate" product management button and UI for supported modules
CORE-11104 - Evaluate Rewrite Auto-Management settings when performing Friendly URLs simple 'reset'
CORE-11106 - Correctly display 'Payment Pending' for Invoice Status option dropdown
CORE-11116 - Refine client area MarketConnect merchandising content
CORE-11125 - Provide forward compatibility for API Credentials so they may be submitted via 'username' and 'password' parameters
CORE-11127 - Refine login and register MarketConnect UI
CORE-11129 - Generate and use a WHM API Token when configuring a cPanel server via Setup Wizard
CORE-11134 - Correct custom field select query for products/services
CORE-11139 - Always provide MarketConnect product management buttons irrespective of product status
CORE-11141 - Ensure interoperability for current and legacy client area variable assignment styles
CORE-11146 - Optimize logos for .host and extensions
CORE-11147 - Use appropriate translation key for yrs/yr suffix when displaying TLD pricing
CORE-11148 - Improve visual formatting of TLD pricing
CORE-11151 - Ensure TLD pricing matrix displays in client's currency
CORE-11152 - Ensure client group TLD pricing is displayed if applicable


ADDON-6000 - Prevent erroneous storage of non-empty account values when using Configurable Package Addon
MODULE-6521 - Prevent re-provisioning of app links when adding a new server
MODULE-6523 - Improve logic for 'do not store' option for Stripe based transactions