Changelog:WHMCS V7.2.0 GA

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Version 7.2.0 Release Notes


ADDON-6005 - Correct "Edit" link for Support & Updates product addons managed by Licensing Addon
CORE-10746 - Provide workaround for environments not honoring PHP ucfirst()
CORE-10920 - Update applinks when moving service between clients
CORE-11058 - Improve display of MarketConnect upsell price format for suffix currencies
CORE-11163 - Implement "Change Approver Email" client area action for configured SSL
CORE-11165 - Implement "Reissue Certificate" client area action for configured SSL
CORE-11166 - Implement "Retrieve Certificate" client area action for issued SSL
CORE-11179 - Correct display of Transferred Away in domain list Status dropdown
CORE-11206 - Refine UI of MarketConnect SpamExperts SSO via Manage Dialog
CORE-11209 - Provide "companyname" Smarty variable for backwards compatibility in "Client Email Address Verification" email template
CORE-11213 - Remove obsolete "KB SEO Friendly URLs" option from General Settings >> Support tab
CORE-11215 - Correct domain renewal notice calculation prior to immediate transitions
CORE-11220 - Corrected sidebar support ticket filtering
CORE-11221 - Log dispute automation events
CORE-11224 - Limit definition of Error Reporting Level to configuration file
CORE-11226 - Correct selector for domain label affecting Safari
CORE-11227 - Transition fully funded invoices via manual transaction in "Payment Pending" status to "Paid"
CORE-11239 - Provide admin toggle for enabling/disabling MarketConnect landing pages
CORE-11247 - Implement non-USD support for MarketConnect service activation
CORE-11252 - Correct reference to language string in Product Addons pricing tab
CORE-11253 - Improve inherited payment term for Product Addons
CORE-11256 - Correct term format for domain spotlight pricing
CORE-11257 - Confirm deletion of Product Addons associated with addon services
CORE-11258 - Prevent erroneous reference when selecting module type prior to saving a new Product Addon configuration
CORE-11263 - Correct display price for "free" Product Addons in cart


MODULE-6556 - Correct display of cPanel UAPI nested error messages