Changelog:WHMCS V7.2.0 RC 1

From WHMCS Documentation

Version 7.2.0 Release Notes


CORE-11137 - Implement friendly error page and finer-grain error management


CORE-10989 - Correct population of Registered Country dropdown option
CORE-11083 - Update .ch WHOIS response value
CORE-11162 - Provide Configuration Link for MarketConnect Service SSL Certificates
CORE-11186 - Refine MarketConnect SSL upsell content and styling
CORE-11193 - Prevent fatal error when adding a Standard WHOIS suggested domain to cart
CORE-11195 - Properly render single term Addon Pricing and preserve schema on save
CORE-11201 - Improve responsive behaviour for MarketConnect SSL landing pages
CORE-11202 - Correct and optimize product subdomain normalization update routine


ADDON-6004 - Correct response data for Licensing Addon
MODULE-6548 - Implement portal page to support Weebly in-editor upgrades


CORE-10960 - Correct Dutch client area translation for Transfer Domain
CORE-11100 - Improvements for client area Dutch translation