Changelog:WHMCS V7.2.2

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Version 7.2.2 Release Notes


CORE-10969 - Correct OpenSRS state/province value for Yukon Territory
CORE-11250 - Correct activity log entry hyperlinking and text for sub-account failed login attempts
CORE-11254 - Correct permission asserting for Widgets of Addon Modules
CORE-11274 - Ensure appropriate marketplace content aggregation in client area under specific configurations
CORE-11275 - Prevent client discount from adversely affecting tax calculation
    Also known as: CORE-11297
CORE-11280 - Preselect parent service billing cycle in New Addon service form
    Also known as: CORE-11328
CORE-11281 - Restore template conditional which hides the language chooser when feature is disable
CORE-11283 - Prevent E_WARNING on initialization in cron
CORE-11284 - Correct cart domain renewal removal operation for Boxes order form
CORE-11285 - Improve robustness of remote server connects via GetServers API action
CORE-11287 - Improve UX of MarketConnect orders that fail to provision
CORE-11289 - Prevent pre-mature exit when activating Two Factor via client area
CORE-11290 - Restore functionality that permits negative tax rate to accommodate for specific regional requirements
CORE-11292 - Remove erroneous CSS rule for .panel-sidebar.panel-danger>.panel-heading in Six theme
CORE-11295 - Ensure JS required for the API Credentials feature is available for v4 admin template
CORE-11298 - Prevent erroneous inclusion of translated knowledgebase articles in aggregate queries
CORE-11305 - Correct database backup table locking query
CORE-11307 - Provide translation string for domain pricing page text "Please choose a category from above"
CORE-11310 - Prevent references to knowledgebase categories for non-integral database entries
CORE-11317 - Show parent product in Products/Services dropdown when adding a new addon
CORE-11321 - Provide additional help information on Oops! page for active Admin sessions
CORE-11336 - Correct Knowledgebase Article voting via POST
CORE-11340 - Ensure Knowledgebase category description is correctly populated in all Knowledgebase pages
CORE-11341 - Correct assertion and exclusion of hidden Knowledgebase categories in search results


ADDON-6007 - Populate Service ID in Product Details button on Licensing Manager search results
MODULE-6562 - Correct link and preview of MarketConnect landing pages
MODULE-6566 - Correct translation key of addon deletion confirmation in client services
MODULE-6568 - Correct Plesk update query of usage stats for product addons
MODULE-6570 - Correct service property reference for WHMSonic & VPSnet
MODULE-6571 - Correct entity reference for Virtualmin usage stats update
MODULE-6572 - Do not set a username and password for MarketConnect services
MODULE-6573 - Pass appropriate client details to Stripe when inputting credit card via AdminUI for clients without previous invoice


CORE-11334 - Mitigate PHP 7 array pointer rescope for recursive methods which cause duplicate API result nests
CORE-11335 - Ensure API action getclientsdetails populates root node for backwards compatibility
CORE-11339 - Restore default legacy NVP API response type for API actions that do not have nested results


CORE-11333 - Correct translation string reference to invoicesPaymentPending in Invoice PDF template