Changelog:WHMCS V7.2.3

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Version 7.2.3 Release Notes


Inclusion of latest v2 Project Management Addon


CORE-10040 - Improve handling of translated product descriptions which contain HTML markup
    Also known as: CORE-11398
CORE-10106 - Improve order summary logic to accommodate multiple & frequent configurable option changes
CORE-10311 - Ensure domain length restrictions are honored throughout the cart workflows
CORE-10522 - Ensure Quote Delivery email is logged in respective client history
    Also known as: CORE-11423
CORE-10564 - Ensure support ticket notifications are only received by acting sub-account and primary account users
CORE-10590 - Improve handling of domain search terms whose characters have HTML entities
CORE-10829 - Improve calculation routines for Escalation Rules limited by reply time
CORE-10875 - Correct display of domain search results as part of product selection in cart
CORE-10928 - Improve warning message displayed when Stripe template change is required
CORE-10934 - Assert Block Existing Domains for transfer orders
CORE-11294 - .bid whois server update
CORE-11300 - Correct client search for queries based custom field
    Also known as: CORE-11371
CORE-11314 - Correct additional domain field structure as provided to ShoppingCartValidateDomainsConfig hook
CORE-11342 - Update .club WHOIS match string
CORE-11343 - Correct variable assignment and scope to allow documented mutation via ClientAreaPageCart
CORE-11347 - Correctly display recurring amount's tax calculation for multiple domain orders
    Also known as: CORE-11416
CORE-11352 - Correct .ca additional domain field for CIRA terms requirement
CORE-11354 - Correct password value provided to ContactAdd hook
CORE-11357 - Correct Spanish translation for affiliateswithdrawn
CORE-11364 - Ensure Knowledgebase multi-word tags create valid URL slugs
CORE-11368 - Prevent undefined method error when ordering a product addon with 100% promo code
CORE-11369 - Correct subtotal calculation for taxed negative amount line items
CORE-11373 - Correct Module Queue link for provisioning addons
CORE-11374 - Ensure hosting addons are properly move when parent service is moved
CORE-11375 - Correct variable assignment and scope to allow documented mutation via ClientAreaPage
CORE-11376 - Correct displayed sort order for Knowledgebase articles
CORE-11378 - Correctly allow Contact recipients for Quote Delivery emails
CORE-11381 - Correct displayed term for product addons when shopping by group
CORE-11383 - Prevent erroneous 405 HTTP response for MarketConnect SSL Certificates page
CORE-11385 - Improve Paypal refund currency conversion type logic
CORE-11388 - Correct link for Pending Orders widget on Admin Summary page
CORE-11389 - Improve language fallback for Announcements
CORE-11390 - Correct description for the territory of Yukon to not include "Territory"
CORE-11392 - Correct configuration and redirect behaviors for domains within checkout process
CORE-11394 - Ensure language selection within the Knowledgebase redirects back to currently viewed article
CORE-11395 - Prevent duplicate Content-Type headers in particular Admin responses
CORE-11396 - Ensure premium domain registration pricing is provided to registrars for transfer requests
CORE-11397 - Update TLD country-based category list to include .gr
CORE-11409 - Allow client session to persist when performing Add Order as authentication admin in Admin Area
CORE-11417 - Correct listing for the Indian State Uttarakhand
CORE-11418 - Ensure Field Type is properly selected when displaying an addon custom field in the Admin Area
CORE-11420 - Ensure sender attribute is appropriately assigned when configured to use local delivery
    Also known as: MODULE-6587
CORE-11427 - Do not allow malformed HTML product descriptions to prevent adding product to cart
CORE-11430 - Improve Admin management UX for MarketConnect related services
CORE-11452 - Allow provisioning modules to override Change Package module command button label
CORE-11456 - Correct missing language key for error condition regarding domain transfer during cart workflow
CORE-11457 - Prevent fatal error condition when moving service
CORE-11461 - Prevent spurious SQL error log entries related to license validation


PMA-57 - Prevent error for v1 projects with associated invoices
PMA-61 - Ensure tax setting is applied appropriately for invoices create via Project Management
PMA-65 - Update default view filter to only include active/incomplete tasks
PMA-70 - Correct endpoint dispatch for Add Project from Support Ticket
PMA-73 - Correct role assertion as configured for Project Management


MODULE-5960 (#GitHub 5370) - Prevent error when creating a Plesk account when client details contain special characters
    Also known as: CORE-7812
MODULE-6256 - Cannot create Plesk login session if client is using a proxy/firewall
MODULE-6513 - Correct currency type calculations for Paypal overpayments
MODULE-6551 - Update SecurePay AU endpoint URLs
MODULE-6569 - Update Plesk Module to reflect upstream changes
    Also known as: MODULE-6202
MODULE-6577 - Correct link provided within email generated by MarketConnect SSL Resend Configuration Email
MODULE-6581 - Remove superfluous addon reference when obtaining cPanel usage statistics
MODULE-6582 - Remove debugging log entry routine from Moneris Vault
MODULE-6584 - Correct aggregation of address data submitted to Sage Pay Forms for US purchasers
MODULE-6586 - Prevent provisioning errors in cPanel module from affecting checkout
MODULE-6589 - Correct output rendering for licensing module client area product details
MODULE-6592 - Prevent relational query error when collecting usage stats with Interworx
MODULE-6594 - Correct command link for Admin Configure Certificate associated with MarketConnect SSL addon
MODULE-6595 - Correct custom fields aggregation for MarketConnect addons
MODULE-6596 - Improve auto provision for standalone MarketConnect services related to domains of client's account
MODULE-6597 - Correct client area product details single sign-on for MarketConnect services purchased as standalone products
MODULE-6601 - Open MarketConnect Admin SSO requests in new window
MODULE-6602 - Improve CSS for MarketConnect upsell banners to prevent text overlap


CORE-11138 - Correct Markdown parameter in support ticket API documentation
CORE-11346 - Prevent fatal error for getclientsdetails & domainwhois local API
CORE-11360 - Correctly return pricing info for GetTLDPricing API
CORE-11362 - Correct XML API response type for 3+N deep result structures
CORE-11431 - Correct documentation reference for StartTaskTimer API
CORE-11432 - Correct documentation reference for DeleteQuote API


CORE-10938 - Refinements for Farsi translation
CORE-10971 - Update Portuguese-BR translation
CORE-11123 - Refinements for client and admin Turkish translations
CORE-11154 - Update Portuguese-PT translation
CORE-11355 - Update client and admin Hungarian translations
CORE-11377 - Update Hebrew translation
CORE-11407 - Update admin Hebrew translation
CORE-11421 - Refinements for German translation