Changelog:WHMCS V7.3.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.3 Release Notes


FEATURE-1571 - Accept.js Integration
FEATURE-1634 - Implement display toggle for Admin dashboard widgets
FEATURE-1681 - Implement social account authentication and signup
FEATURE-1703 - Skrill 1-Tap Integration
FEATURE-1708 - Implement daily backup option that leverages cPanel backup API
FEATURE-1710 - Add support for performing automated daily backups to an SFTP destination
FEATURE-1714 - MailChimp Ecommerce Automations Integration


CORE-6519 (#3377) - Ensure Upgrade/Downgrade data includes order_items form field when creating Admin notification email
CORE-8376 - Cancel unpaid upgrade invoices prior to generating a renewal invoice
CORE-9707 - Allow sub-accounts to utilize "Remember Me"
    Also known as: CORE-10306
CORE-10029 - Improve responsive and print behaviour of client area invoice
CORE-10154 - Update cPanel Application Links to provide an upgrade type link
CORE-10901 - Correct domain checker handling of mixed case entries
    Also known as: CORE-11434
CORE-11264 - Add Support for BCC Emails Per Email Template
CORE-11276 - Require USA Epay transaction PIN hash
CORE-11380 - Correct MarketConnect Landing Page Templates to use theme agnostic CSS reference
CORE-11386 - Correctly record PayPal subscription IDs created on upgrade
CORE-11399 - Allow domain suggestions to be added to cart as part of product bundle order process
CORE-11401 - Remove spurious "Email, SSL" on knowledgebase article content
CORE-11404 - Improve representation of twitter handles in twitterfeed.tpl
CORE-11426 - Improve credit card details' payment selection logic for multi-gateway configurations
CORE-11444 - Skrill deactivating URL Sept 1
CORE-11465 - Update number admin area HTML input fields to utilize autocomplete=off
CORE-11471 - Support environments without SQL strict mode
CORE-11474 - Improve default client signup email template content
CORE-11476 - Correct inclusive tax deduction calculation for exempt customers
CORE-11479 - Resolve SQL issue which prevents creation of new admin users under certain conditions
CORE-11480 - Ensure domain registration/transfer order can proceed when renewal pricing is disabled with -1.00
CORE-11482 - Remove double slash from AppLinks target URL
CORE-11483 - Correctly observe and apply '$overidephptimelimit'
CORE-11484 - Update .pe and whois availability pattern
CORE-11504 - CashU payment gateway now captures the callback page, breaking flow.
CORE-11509 - Ensure Bluepay module sends email and phonenumber client variables
CORE-11514 - Improve admin payment gateway UI
CORE-11543 - Remove erroneous green border on Six template header view cart button
CORE-11570 - Add Top Level Domain Configuration Hook Points
CORE-11598 - Introduce more stylized error page


MODULE-6076 (#5357) - Clarify messaging of order payment state when gateway returns client prior to delivering IPN
    Also known as: CORE-7803
MODULE-6111 (#4816) - Hide PayPal Express Checkout from "Payment Method" section on checkout page
    Also known as: CORE-7464
MODULE-6427 - [ResellerClub] Pass MxContact value when creating contact for .mx domains
MODULE-6430 - Normalize payment gateway names prior to logging for consistency and effective filtering
MODULE-6489 - Ensure attr-1 is provided to ResellerClub for .ru domains
MODULE-6506 - Normalize PayPal notify_url
MODULE-6558 - Implement Plesk SSL Auto Provisioning to MarketConnect
MODULE-6559 - Implement DirectAdmin SSL Auto Provisioning to MarketConnect
MODULE-6561 - Retire iDEAL module
MODULE-6591 - Implement DA SSL Auto Provisioning to MarketConnect
MODULE-6606 - Improve aggregation of elective sidebar includes related to optional WHMCS features
MODULE-6612 - Only send DeliveryState and BillingState information to SagePay for US clients
MODULE-6613 - Correct rendering of CentovaCast login button
MODULE-6614 - Honoring Convert To For Processing option for Stripe transactions
    Also known as: CORE-10912
MODULE-6615 - Improve various routines related to MarketConnect Admin SSL Configuration


CORE-10097 - Log changes made via updateclient API command
CORE-10099 - Ensure Custom Order Statuses do not break API getstats XML response
CORE-11502 - Honor clientip parameter if provided to AddOrder API call


CORE-11490 - Improvements for client area French translation