Changelog:WHMCS V7.3.0 GA

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Version 7.3.0 Release Notes


CORE-10683 - Prevent token removal under certain conditions related to Disable Credit Card Storage
CORE-11584 - Correct tax calculation for taxed negative amount line items
CORE-11628 - Update .sk WHOIS server
CORE-11632 - Correct translated plain text only email template handling
CORE-11639 - Update .biz WHOIS server
    Also known as: CORE-11653
CORE-11644 - Correct HTML syntax in client area sidebar
CORE-11645 - Correct archive generation for SFTP backups
CORE-11649 - Ensure Addon Renewal Invoices execute all renewal subroutines
CORE-11651 - Correct ajax request for Save My Notes on admin pages in Full Friendly Rewrite mode
CORE-11654 - Prevent alteration of Sequential Invoice Number Format by filtering incorrect characters from invoice download/email filenames
CORE-11655 - Correct inspection and application of admin language preference
CORE-11657 - Update country calling codes


PMA-103 - Update PMA version to 2.0.3


MODULE-6494 - Update ResellerClub SSL Approver Emails list
MODULE-6580 - Provide client ability to update FTP credentials for Weebly
MODULE-6620 - Correct configuration for Enom and ResellerClub SSL Addon orders
MODULE-6631 - Prevent erroneous execution of ClientArea function in admin service details page for Addons
MODULE-6633 - Add support for GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard in MarketConnect
    Also known as: CORE-11676


CORE-7822 (#5386) - Prevent fatal error resulting from multiple local domainupdatewhoisinfo API calls
CORE-11687 - Correct AddOrder Local API Example


CORE-11641 - Update client area Portuguese translation
CORE-11650 - Update client and admin area Turkish translation
CORE-11658 - Update client area Portuguese-BR translation