Changelog:WHMCS V7.4.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.4 Release Notes


FEATURE-1321 - Implement CCAvenue API v2 gateway module
    Also known as: MODULE-6353
FEATURE-1527 - Implement "Apply Credit" option to cart checkout
FEATURE-1547 - Implement event-driven notification system
FEATURE-1599 - Implement translations support for Support Ticket Department Names
FEATURE-1616 - Improve UX for telephone number format and country codes
FEATURE-1617 - Improve UX for Admin WHOIS contact editing UI
FEATURE-1624 - Improve UX of Knowledgebase Admin UI
FEATURE-1719 - Improve detection and notification when multiple staff are updating the same ticket
FEATURE-1731 - Implement API credentials roles and access restrictions


CORE-10716 - Correct addon link displayed in client area sidebar
CORE-11500 - Correct one cent order summary display discrepancy between Due Today and Recurring Price
CORE-11583 - Improve domain suggestion formatting at low screen resolutions for long domains
CORE-11608 - Update TLDs categories to include the "za" domains as a country tld
CORE-11619 - Update TLDs categories to include the "br" domains as a country tld
CORE-11630 - Provide TLD category "Other" for all non-categorized TLDs with domain pricing
CORE-11662 - Itemise changes to client service addons in activity log
CORE-11663 - Itemise changes to client domains in activity log entries
CORE-11664 - Implement email merge fields "client_custom_fields_by_name" and "service_custom_fields_by_name"
CORE-11666 - Add installer notice for unsupported Windows environment
CORE-11670 - Improve button CSS for longer text on Domain Lookup
    Also known as: CORE-10530
CORE-11672 - Correct column layout for client area knowledge category lists
CORE-11699 - Prevent spurious error during upgrade related to MarketConnect products
CORE-11702 - Correct "change billing address" to utilize a dropdown for State field
CORE-11703 - Improve character processing of IDN domains
CORE-11705 - Ensure TicketStatusChange, TicketPriorityChange, and TicketSubjectChange hooks are triggered via Ticket Options
    Also known as: CORE-11180, CORE-11181
CORE-11707 - Correct missing adminUtils.js asset in Admin v4 theme
CORE-11711 - Correct target url for Ignore Error and Import on Ticket Import Log
    Also known as: CORE-11720
CORE-11712 - Correct url target which allows insertion of knowledgebase links
CORE-11713 - Correct calculation for Total when inclusive tax deduction must be applied yet no tax rules exist
CORE-11717 - Correct target url for client area alerts
CORE-11719 - Correct display of Remote Destination User and Remote Destination Directory fields
CORE-11723 - Refine custom admin directory route path request detection
CORE-11724 - Update GetClientsDetails API documentation to reflect changes in CORE-11335
CORE-11731 - Update php-imap library to v2.0.9 to resolve upstream bug with certain attachments
    Also known as: CORE-9605, CORE-10389
CORE-11735 - Implement fraud check hook FraudCheckAwaitingUserInput, FraudCheckFailed, and FraudCheckPassed
CORE-11736 - Implement domain transfer hooks DomainTransferCompleted and DomainTransferFailed
CORE-11735 - Implement order hook OrderPaid
CORE-11743 - Improve scheme update syntax for 7.3.0


MODULE-6299 - Discontinue development support and distribution of Varilogix fraud service
MODULE-6515 - Refine query and filter label wording for Overview widget
MODULE-6626 - Prevent error generated by MariaDB 10.2 when visiting Client Sources report
MODULE-6638 - Utilize translation strings for client area Sign-In Integrations buttons


CORE-11692 - Prevent redeclaration error when performing local API calls in client area


CORE-11722 - Update Spanish translations