Changelog:WHMCS V7.5.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.5 Release Notes


FEATURE-1256 - Implement @mentions ability to client and support ticket notes
FEATURE-1559 - Add Refund functionality for Accept.js
FEATURE-1598 - Add support for attachments to APIs OpenTicket, AddTicketReply and AddTicketNote
FEATURE-1605 - Implement Support Tickets tab to Admin Area Client Profile View
FEATURE-1625 - Provide edit links for authenticated admin users when viewing Knowledgebase and Announcements within Client Area
FEATURE-1760 - Increase complexity of generated passwords used for provisioning services
FEATURE-1762 - Implement ability to export client profile data in JSON format
FEATURE-1777 - Add SiteLock Website Security Services to MarketConnect
FEATURE-1780 - Implement Admin Dashboard widget for viewing MarketConnect balance
FEATURE-1810 - Implement support for Grace Periods and Fees on domains
FEATURE-1811 - Implement support for Redemption Periods and Fees on domains
FEATURE-1814 - Implement public domain pricing matrix to client area
FEATURE-1815 - Implement admin setting to control how grace/redemption period fees are handled with existing invoices
FEATURE-1817 - Implement new Domain Expiry statuses for Grace Period and Redemption Grace Period
FEATURE-1818 - Improve default email template content for Domain Expiry Notices
FEATURE-1821 - Implement Expiring Soon domain filter to Client Area domains list
FEATURE-1852 - Implement tracking and reporting of affiliate referral clickthru's and referrer locations
FEATURE-1857 - Implement setup landing page and getting started walkthrough
FEATURE-1862 - Implement new automation setting for automatic enforcement of data retention policy
FEATURE-1866 - Implement marketing emails opt-in ability during checkout/registration
FEATURE-1869 - Implement logging of consent to receive marketing emails
FEATURE-1874 - Add merge fields to email templates that provide URLs allowing users to opt in or out of receiving marketing emails
FEATURE-1876 - Implement ability to apply recipient filters based on country location to mass mail


ADDON-6016 - Correct filename of export download for Project Management Project Time Logs
CORE-7039 (#4238) - Improve filtering of orderby in various Admin UIs
CORE-7283 (#4560) - Expand Client Income Stats to include Gross, Expenses, and Net
CORE-7316 (#4600) - Prevent erroneous change of client exempt status within EU Vat Addon
CORE-7744 (#5265) - Ensure ticket ID is provided to Escalation Rule Notification e-mail template
CORE-7897 (#5513) - Remove unsed Admin info.gif image
CORE-8363 - Improve license error messaging
CORE-8820 - Allow translation of Domain Categories
CORE-10072 - Ensure proper product is referenced when adding multiple quanties to cart.
CORE-10906 - Ensure ResellerClub domain lookup providers falls back to standard WHOIS when domain is unsupported
CORE-10939 - Correct Domain Transfer for Boxes template
CORE-10958 - Correct invocation of AfterRegistrarSaveNameservers hook
CORE-11060 - Translate date text when value is a DateTime instance
CORE-11313 - Update Duo Security lib
CORE-11488 - Correct returned hash value of ValidateLogin for custom session usage
CORE-11489 - Discontinue distribution of VentraIp and remove in not in use
CORE-11678 - Incorrect spelling of the Indian State Chhattisgarh.
CORE-11698 - Correct invocation of ShoppingCartValidateDomain hook for Standard Cart templates
CORE-11733 - Prevent spurious Invalid Approver Email error when using Manual Configuration
CORE-11799 - Refine display of order form choices in product group UI
CORE-11830 - Ensure product addon server configuration is retained on save
CORE-11834 - Ensure provided phone number is repopulated in form when validation of client details fails
    Also known as: CORE-11911
CORE-11845 - Ensure tblhostingaddons.status as 'Completed' enum value
CORE-11871 - Allow common symbol characters for admin usernames
CORE-11880 - Correct "Apply once" promotion usage on multiple quantities
CORE-11895 - Improve feedback provided to users upon License Connection Error
CORE-11918 - Honour Deduct Tax Amount setting when no tax rules are met in inclusive tax mode
CORE-11922 - Ensure ClientLoginShare hook point can successfully create non-existent client
CORE-11930 - Correct search functionality for Clients Merge / Move popups
CORE-11933 - Ensure GetProducts API return includes all product data
CORE-11939 - Provide more intuitive feedback for invalid TLD in admin order process
CORE-11950 - Correct documentation of date related properties in the Service model
CORE-11951 - Improve URL generation for non-Latin knowledgebase titles
CORE-11959 - Corrected phone number formatting when updating contact details with OpenSRS
CORE-11960 - Correct negative line item rounding
CORE-11961 - Provide 'Completed' status filter option for Mass Mail
CORE-11962 - Prevent erroneously suspension of one-time addons
CORE-11964 - Correct link handling when bold Markdown is used
CORE-11982 - Update OrderProductPricingOverride hook documentation to clarify values are exclusive of config options
CORE-11991 - Update documentation description for PreInvoicingGenerateInvoiceItems hook
CORE-11998 - Prevent spurious log entry of phone number change when updating other client details
CORE-11999 - Implement PreEmailSendReduceRecipients hook point that allows selective removal of CCs and BCCs
CORE-12000 - Ensure Block Existing Domains is asserted during cart
CORE-10957 - AfterRegistrarSaveContactDetails hook does not execute
CORE-11128 - Registrar module actions invoked via Domains::moduleCall do not trigger Pre and After hooks
DEV-504 - Remove various unsupported legacy modules if present and not in use to reduce possibility of future environment incompatibility issues


MODULE-6332 - Correct data display within Direct Debit Processing report
MODULE-6343 - Implement ID protect for Enom
MODULE-6653 - Improve Enom premium domains handling
MODULE-6678 - Correct manual configuration of wildcard SSL
MODULE-6693 - Provide contextual help links in MarketConnect Admin UI
MODULE-6694 - Provide notice when MarketConnect balance is low
MODULE-6699 - Improve consistency for phone number handling when saving domain contact eetails
MODULE-6708 - Ensure consistent data aggregation for MailChimp domain orders
MODULE-6714 - Ensure Sign In Button is not triggered by the enter keypress on registration form
MODULE-6722 - Disable 3 year SSL certificate terms in complicance with CA/Browser Forum Ballot 193
MODULE-6725 - Set invoice reference and description parameters for eWay


CORE-11840 - Return templates based on system language when invoking GetEmailTemplates API without a specified language


CORE-11931 - Remove erroneous company name in Dutch translations
CORE-11949 - Update client French translation
CORE-11952 - Update admin French translation
CORE-11958 - Update Spanish translations