Changelog:WHMCS V7.5.1

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Version 7.5.1 Release Notes


CORE-10911 - Only perform monthly operations on expected day, regardless of '--force' cron command option
CORE-11614 - Ensure Client Email Verification e-mail can only be sent to the main client on an account
CORE-12144 - Redirect requests to pwreset with GET data
CORE-12150 - Prevent ticket association when sender is a contact of multiple client accounts
CORE-12163 - Add translation strings for PHP Version Compatibility Utility
CORE-12164 - Permit new TLDs extension when performing ticket email address validation
CORE-12177 - Clarify Payment Reminder Emails description in Automation Settings
CORE-12183 - Correct HTML in Admin Area Configurable Options UI
CORE-12200 - Correct source path reference in standard cart common template
CORE-12201 - Ensure cart order trigger hosting addon automation when provisioning is set to 'on payment'
CORE-12203 - Honor language selection within the Admin Area Setup page
CORE-12206 - Correct cart workflow for products without MarketConnect addons
CORE-12207 - Correct links for cart actions on Domain Renewal page
    Also known as: CORE-12210
CORE-12213 - Correct logic for domain availability on Boxes order form
CORE-12216 - Refine Billable Items for PHP 7.1 compatibility
CORE-12217 - Refine Domain Renewals for PHP 7.1 compatibility
CORE-12221 - Refine Spam Controls for PHP 7.1 compatibility
CORE-12222 - Provide option to disable ionCube Safe Include to allow loading of files encoded with Online Encoder
CORE-12228 - Correct cron service termination query
CORE-12236 - Correct missing column headings from quote PDFs
CORE-12238 - Correct Domain Renewals paths for Boxes & Modern carts
CORE-12239 - Update Google SignIn provider setup to prevent erroneous error due to API changes at Google
CORE-12240 - Improve UX via console warning when whmcsBaseUrl is not defined in template
CORE-12242 - Correct display of "Join our mailing list" implicit value in certain configurations
CORE-12244 - Improve performance of Domain Registration page


CORE-12214 - Ensure cart order trigger hosting addon automation when provisioning is set to 'is placed'
CORE-12247 - Fix invalid string offset error in SiteLock admin add order process
MODULE-6751 - Improve FreeRadius sync code example
MODULE-6755 - Update Payza URL
MODULE-6760 - Update random password generator for fit validation changes of LogixBox API
PMA-114 - Ensure charset is itemized in mod_project table schema definition
PMA-115 - Refine Recent Activity tab for PHP 7.1 compatibility


CORE-12087 - Ensure GetClientsProducts API returns hidden configuration options when called via localapi