Changelog:WHMCS V7.6.0 GA

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Version 7.6.0 Release Notes


CORE-12173 - Restore profile fields to cart checkout for logged in users
CORE-12253 - Correct link in "Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice" email template
CORE-12271 - Remove SecPay gateway module
CORE-12295 (#3417) - Incorporate domain sync into standard cron
    Also known as: CORE-8015
CORE-12305 - Correct erroneous Renewal Required licence error
CORE-12333 - Change default Admin Client Display Format to include company
CORE-12376 - Provide 'isOptedInToMarketingEmails' value for ClientEdit hook point
CORE-12379 - Refine responsive behavior of Admin Area sidebar
CORE-12528 - Show Redemption, Grace and Transferred Away domain statuses in Admin Area Domain list
    Also known as: CORE-12565
CORE-12530 - Ensure invoice cancels when removing all items includes multiple domains
CORE-12539 - Order Configurable Options by Order value
CORE-12540 - Correct display Configurable Option when using PHP 5.6
CORE-12545 - Update WHOIS server for *.au
CORE-12548 - Add individual entries to whois.json to account for decommissioning of
CORE-12550 - Accept FQDN in Hostname field
    Also known as: CORE-12549
CORE-12551 - Correct "check all" behavior in certain admin table
CORE-12552 - Add domain suggestions to admin area whois lookup utility
CORE-12563 - Add hook PopEmailCollectionCronCompleted
CORE-12566 - Update to Font Awesome 5.2
CORE-12571 - Provide setting to selectively enable reCaptcha for cart checkout completion
PMA-87 - Improve display of Invoice Selected Timers
PMA-106 - Improve decoding of HTML entities for edit screen of project task


MODULE-6809 - Correct normalized value of "address-line-2" for ResellerClub


CORE-12441 - Use translatable string for Billing in secondary sidebar
CORE-12537 - Updated French translations
CORE-12553 - Update Hebrew translations