Changelog:WHMCS V7.6.0 RC 1

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Version 7.6.0 Release Notes


PMA-117 - Correct project permissions within the Project Management addon
CORE-12483 - Correct potential XSS on admin homepage
CORE-12478 - Correct admin access to remote servers via WHMC Connect


CORE-10948 - Trigger action hook points when retrying action via Module Queue
CORE-12469 - Correct log entry of Lookup Provider change
CORE-12478 - WHMCS Connect does not respect Access Control Rules for servers
CORE-12481 - Correct error on upgrade when Dynamic Translation enabled
CORE-12482 - Remove development file artifacts
CORE-12488 - Add proactive admin notification of failed pop email collection
CORE-12498 - Update WHOIS server for .*.au
CORE-12500 - Show Redemption and Grace Period domains on Client Summary
CORE-12502 - Correct display for subdomain option in cart product configuration
    Also known as: MODULE-6802
CORE-12509 - Translate language string 'NEW' in header.tpl
CORE-12521 - Update AfterFraudCheck hook variables
CORE-12523 - MarketConnect: Translations related to Weebly store pages


MODULE-6679 - Ensure Slack Notification module receives order number and user ID variables
    Also known as: MODULE-6736
MODULE-6774 - Require TLS 1.2 connections for Nominet
MODULE-6805 - Allow opt out from new domain registrar module WHOIS change behaviour


CORE-12466 - Allow admin-only custom fields to be used in local API
CORE-12525 - Correct variable assignment of notes for API GetTicket


CORE-12487 - Update Hungarian translations