Changelog:WHMCS V7.7.0 GA

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Version 7.7.0 Release Notes


CORE-12787 - Correct WHMCS Installer input processing
CORE-12796 - Correct Twitter data processing
CORE-12814 - Improve date parameter processing
CORE-12838 - Correct email template policy
CORE-12843 - Update Smarty to correct a template processing issue
CORE-12853 - Update TCPDF to 6.2.22
CORE-12879 - Correct variable usage when rendering admin affiliate overview
CORE-12928 - Correct knowledgebase input validation
CORE-13057 - Correct logic for aggregate search fields
CORE-13073 - Improve input sanitization for API


CORE-8228 - Ensure ticket tag cloud aggregates regardless of status
    Also known as: CORE-12894
CORE-8419 - Prevent erroneous redirect when selecting a product bundle whose first item is a domain
CORE-10540 - Ensure $totalcredit merge field is in client's currency when viewing admin invoice as client
CORE-11990 - Correct display of One Time Addons billing cycle in Product Details Tab
CORE-12526 - Correct cron report summary for auto suspension count
CORE-12655 - Correct Pending Transfer sync for ResellerClub
CORE-12672 - Ensure "Don't show this again" is honored for "Approaching Client Limit" notifications
CORE-12870 - Do not display cancellation option for Free and One Time products in client area
CORE-12932 - Ensure all Setup nav items are present for contextual sidebar
CORE-12960 - Implement SSL Certificate Monitoring report
CORE-13019 - Update syntax for PHP 7.3 compatibility
CORE-13024 - Prevent erroneous auto renew opt-in when enabling registrar lock
    Also known as: MODULE-6925
CORE-13027 - Correct title for Domain Registrations
CORE-13028 - Correct currency display in Service/Addon/Domain Lists
CORE-13029 - Prevent erroneous redirect when sorting by column on Admin Area pages
    Also known as: CORE-13058
CORE-13032 - Prevent PDO exception when sorting by Price on Domain Registrations
CORE-13039 - Prevent spurious form action on Configure Domains
CORE-13042 - Ensure links in Tweets are parsed
CORE-13050 - Prevent error when viewing cart which does not support captcha
CORE-13062 - Improve CSS for Hide Inactive Clients toggle
CORE-13069 - SSL Status Monitoring UX improvements
CORE-13076 - Ensure valid target upgrade product


MODULE-6796 - Prevent duplicate log and notification when using 3DSecure with SagePay Tokens
MODULE-6883 - Update check graphic used by banking modules
    Also known as: MODULE-6318
MODULE-6910 - Correct fraud check behaviour for 2Checkout
MODULE-6924 - Ensure Domain Name custom field is saved for ResellerClubSSL
MODULE-6935 - Revise secure connection required notice in GoCardless usage notes
MODULE-6944 - Ensure BluePay eCheck reference is stored for recurring billing
MODULE-6946 - Correct URL for GoCardless onboarding redirect logic
MODULE-6948 - UX and text refinements for Apps & Integrations
MODULE-6950 - Improve UX of BitPay activation


CORE-13025 - Prevent error with searching only by 'status' for GetInvoices API