Changelog:WHMCS V7.7.0 RC 1

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Version 7.7.0 Release Notes


CORE-12911 - Add Dejavusans font option for invoices
CORE-12992 - Add toggle to control rendering of Tax ID/VAT Number field on various client UIs
CORE-13012 - Include tax id fields for intelligent search queries


CORE-8289 - Optimize sequential invoice increment logic to mitigate race condition
CORE-12877 - Correct link provided in "License Limit Near" notification email
CORE-12913 - Distribute only one copy of Fontawesome in assets/
CORE-12943 - Correct various module logo files and itemization in manifest
CORE-12944 - Add module selection to Create New Product UI
CORE-12953 - Improve mobile and tablet display of Apps and Integrations
CORE-12954 - Improve admin area pagination styling
CORE-12956 - Ensure related service for a support ticket always shows at the top of the ticket list
CORE-12957 - Do not show assigned tickets at the top of ticket queue for non active ticket queues
CORE-12958 - Allow cancellation requests to be sorted by both date created and date due
CORE-12961 - Correct form labels in new Tax Configuration UI
CORE-12972 - Correct relative links provided in IntelligentSearch
CORE-12973 - Ensure client modification of Tax ID is saved
CORE-12976 - Ensure Tax ID field is appropriately rendered on register page
CORE-12982 - Ensure module parameter "serversecure" returns boolean as documented
CORE-12986 - Correct view construction for client product/services pages
CORE-12988 - Correct CodeGuard landing page links
CORE-12989 - Correct client custom field search
CORE-13009 - Prevent incomplete Google reCaptcha settings from enforcing captcha


MODULE-6650 - Ensure Connection Test for DirectAdmin can function using reseller credentials
MODULE-6923 - Update Yubikey API for v2
MODULE-6927 - Remove DotDNS registrar module
MODULE-6928 - Remove ResellOne module
MODULE-6934 - Ensure one time payment is offered for overdue invoices using 2Checkout inline
MODULE-6937 - Correct URL for GoCardless onboarding redirect logic


CORE-12964 - Ensure "ResetPassword" is available within "Manage API Roles"
CORE-12618 - Ensure skipvalidation does not affect email constraint of AddClient API
CORE-12979 - Document "invoiceid" input parameter for UpdateInvoice API
CORE-12980 - Correct documentation formatting for SendEmail API
CORE-12981 - Correct documentation for AddOrder API