Changelog:WHMCS V7.8.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.8.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1453 - Provide better audit trail for manual credits issued to client accounts
FEATURE-1454 - Add new report for reviewing client account credit actions
FEATURE-1607 - Provide developer hook point for manipulating date formatting
FEATURE-1652 - Implement new and improved date picker with improved UX for entering of date ranges
FEATURE-1653 - Add automated password generator to all password input fields client side
FEATURE-1718 - Stripe: Add support for 3D Secure and SCA
FEATURE-1803 - Implement support for multiple Credit Card and Bank Account payment methods per client
FEATURE-1992 - Implement ability to hide and retire product addons
FEATURE-2021 - Stripe: Migrate to Stripe Elements Implementation Method
FEATURE-2075 - Add payment gateway module for GoCardless
FEATURE-2110 - Improve UX of Two-Factor Authentication Setup Routine
FEATURE-2111 - Add autofill and auto-complete to server setup/configuration
FEATURE-2140 - Implement new server sync tool with module based support
FEATURE-2161 - GoDaddy: Implement registrar module
FEATURE-2163 - Implement ability to automatically prune ticket attachments after a set period of time
CORE-13286 - Implement TicketOpenValidation hook
CORE-13384 - Implement PreUpgradeCheckout Hook


CORE-10657 - Prevent negative credit balance
    Also known as: CORE-11856
CORE-10975 - Place promo code after items on invoice order
CORE-11403 - Refine currency conversion amount verification for Paypal callbacks
CORE-11710 - Prevent error on removal of products with SSL addon
CORE-11942 - Ensure subscription cancellation only occurs with a present subscription
CORE-12479 - Update logic to show premium renewal pricing in clientarea renewal
CORE-12607 - Restrict emailing of ticket attachments to specific templates
CORE-12883 - Show PHP Mismatch on Cron vs Browser
CORE-12884 - Provide better UX for permissions required to add a promo during new order via Adminarea
CORE-12889 - Correct custom client area home page panel sorting
CORE-13014 - Correct API documentation for UpdateInvoice
CORE-13031 - Disallow payment capture on draft invoices
CORE-13053 - Correct language strings on client area pages
    Also known as: CORE-13232
CORE-13060 - Correct calculation of overage billing with limit of 0
CORE-13068 - Add Payment Pending & Collections statuses to admin invoice sidebar
    Also known as: CORE-13064
CORE-13086 - Set background color for "Pending Transfer" tag on Domain Registrations page
CORE-13108 - Correct route path digest when deployment directory is like named to the destination route
CORE-13114 - Show Invoice Number on Mass Pay invoices if present
CORE-13117 - Ensure premium domain renewal markup is applied for manual renewals in clientarea
    Also known as: CORE-12876
CORE-13123 - Trigger OrderPaid hook when order is paid with credit in the admin area
CORE-13155 - Remove Google+ Social Media Integration
CORE-13157 - Correct display of Tax IDs fields name on PDF Invoice
CORE-13170 - Ensure Billable Items are not orphaned on Client Merge
CORE-13185 - Improve GetClientAddons API documentation
CORE-13194 - Refine description for InvoiceCreation and InvoiceCreated hook points
CORE-13195 - Update .us TLD nexus options with friendly descriptions
CORE-13196 - Ensure Negative Tax Rates Show on Invoice
CORE-13197 - Correct ambiguous field error on service note advanced search
CORE-13198 - Hide Tax ID field on Add Sub Account in client area when Customer Tax IDs/VAT Numbers is disabled
CORE-13200 - Refine description of EmailPreSend hook
CORE-13202 - Ensure "Add new Addon" option honors selected billing cycle
CORE-13204 - Improve Automatic Configuration module data fault detection for Marketconnect
CORE-13206 - Improve performance of clientarea for large invoice histories
CORE-13208 - Correct syntax for 2Checkout invoice payment of domain registrations
CORE-13214 - Ensure proforma setting value is mirrored in tax configuration and general settings
    Also known as: CORE-13461
CORE-13215 - Refine handling of public downloads where file is missing
CORE-13217 - Correct tax status determination for new clients via quote
CORE-13221 - Ensure VAT validation on client registration and checkout
CORE-13222 - Correct client group discount taxation
CORE-13227 - Correct dynamic activation links & tabs for admin Marketconnect modal
CORE-13228 - Improve performance of configoption removal via client deletion
CORE-13236 - Ensure all values are provided to module commands via the Module Queue
CORE-13237 - Improve messaging in account Credit Management
CORE-13238 - Clarify code sample for OrderDomainPricingOverride hook
    Also known as: CORE-13352
CORE-13239 - Display ordererrordomainalreadyexists string when Block Existing Domain is enabled
CORE-13241 - Consider curl error code 60 an error exception in SSL Verification
CORE-13244 - Update WHOIS server for .in
    Also known as: CORE-13245, CORE-13310, CORE-13453
CORE-13246 - Correct admin password reset captcha
    Also known as: CORE-13407
CORE-13248 - Translate 2FA Setup Process Modal
CORE-13252 - Add WHOIS server for *.ar
CORE-13253 - Correct recommendation link path shown after the creation of a new support department
CORE-13254 - Ensure ticket change notifications are sent following action in the sidebar
CORE-13258 - Correct multiple piped attachment imports
    Also known as: CORE-13322
CORE-13263 - Ensure setting for Geo IP domain name suggestions is honored
CORE-13267 - Improve column collation management in SSL status sync task
CORE-13269 - Correct evaluation of payment transaction history updates
CORE-13281 - Ensure ContactChangePassword hook is triggered in all contexts
CORE-13287 - Remove 'read-only' attribute from tax_id field
CORE-13294 - Ensure consistent logging for missing attachment on email send
    Also known as: CORE-13297
CORE-13300 - Update PHPMailer to v6.0
CORE-13307 - Ensure client group Suspend/Terminate Exemption is honored for product addons
CORE-13309 - Update Facebook buttons following brand guidelines
CORE-13330 - Upgrade Bootstrap to v3.4.1
CORE-13338 - Prevent fatal cart error related to captcha settings
    Also known as: CORE-13484
CORE-13339 - Ensure contact tax id is saved via object map
CORE-13340 - Ensure dateaccepted value is honored for AccptQuote API
CORE-13346 - Show Suspended products on ClientArea as well as Active
CORE-13347 - Show Notice of Unpaid/Overdue Invoice on Service/Domain
CORE-13350 - Ensure VAT number validation on client area change
CORE-13351 - Ensure captcha does not show for ticket form submissions when disabled
    Also known as: CORE-13483
CORE-13355 - Ensure client profile changes are logged when email notification disabled
CORE-13359 - Improve client area domains page performance with large volume of domains
CORE-13368 - Modify data width to 150 for title column in tblnetworkstatus
CORE-13391 - Reconcile Yukon state code (ISO3166-2) with CIRA
CORE-13392 - Update web service used to lookup IP addresses
CORE-13405 - Allow credits reviewer report to be filtered by admin user
CORE-13416 - Allow footer copyright notice to be translated
CORE-13419 - Include FontAwesome for invoice and quote theme templates
    Also known as: CORE-13247
CORE-13442 - Accept load balancer non-SSL traffic when performing SSL redirect logic
CORE-13475 - Auto create configuration.php file when it does not exist during install
CORE-13476 - Assert minimum memory limit during installer system requirements check
CORE-13479 - Correct status display of Domain Expiry and Transfer Sync tasks in Automation Status


MODULE-6644 - Correct storage of usage data for Virtualmin
MODULE-6665 - Correct aggregation of client area nav items for disabling Marketconnect links
MODULE-6807 - Correct PayPal callback credit application
MODULE-6891 - Ensure a single nameserver displays correctly using eNom
MODULE-6941 - Correct Bluepay eCheck and eCheck to use Direct Debit emails
MODULE-6945 - Improve module log data scrubbing
MODULE-6974 - Translate GoCardless "Setup Mandate for Payment" button
MODULE-6978 - Ensure Recurring Amounts correct with promocode on 2Checkout
MODULE-6979 - Ensure 2Checkout Inline One Time Payment honors Convert To For Processing setting
MODULE-6984 - Correct usage of custom invoice number in CCAvenue
MODULE-6987 - Update ResellerClub URL endpoint for availability check command
MODULE-6992 - Disregard duplicate GoCardless callbacks for Adding Payment
MODULE-6995 - Return invoices to Unpaid status if a GoCardless payment is cancelled
MODULE-7004 - Update PayPal Subscriptions to follow PayPal's latest guidelines
MODULE-7005 - Prevent fatal error during domain management with GoDaddy
MODULE-7007 - Correct domain sync for GoDaddy
MODULE-7016 - Validate GetNameservers function exists before invocation
MODULE-7018 - Update SSL Installation Help link
MODULE-7022 - Remove IMSP Gateway Module
MODULE-7024 - Correct return URLs provided to Quantumvault
MODULE-7033 - Reset reminders sent trackers when domain expiry is updated
MODULE-7034 - Improve status and response error parsing for MaxMind fraud checks
MODULE-7035 - Translate Digicert promotion content
MODULE-7036 - Improve handling of WorldPay FP payments response data
MODULE-7037 - Worldpay Futurepay marks invoice paid in full when any successful payment made
MODULE-7039 - Provide further unique attributes for Accept.JS to prevent erroneous duplicate status at Authorize
MODULE-7041 - Remove EMatters payment gateway
MODULE-7051 - Ensure www. is considered when managing SSL renewals

CORE-12689 - Ensure InternetBS module sends registrant_clientip field on saving contact details
CORE-13299 - Ensure domain additional fields are passed to SaveContactDetails()
CORE-13332 - Hexonet update for SaveDNS and other minor fixes
CORE-13467 - GoDaddy module does not account for Clients with multiple Shopper IDs


CORE-11706 - Ensure custom fields are processed for UpdateTicket API
CORE-12273 - Optionally allow duplicate transaction IDs in AddTransaction API
CORE-13234 - Add missing response parameters to OpenTicket API documentation
CORE-13250 - Ensure OrderFraudCheck API call fails when no fraud detection module is enabled
CORE-13261 - Provide mergefield data to EmailPreSend hook
CORE-13262 - Ignore invalid affiliate ID for AddOrder API
CORE-13318 - Update UpdateInvoice API documentation
DEV-605 - Implement Add/Update/Delete/Get PayMethod API


CORE-13207 - Improvements for Spanish translation
CORE-13219 - Improvement French translation
CORE-13224 - Translate "Nameservers" in clientareadomaindetails.tpl
CORE-13291 - Correct Dutch for language string proformainvoicenumber
CORE-13304 - Correct add funds references in Dutch client language