Changelog:WHMCS V7.8.0 RC 1

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Version 7.8.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1594 - Implement support for import of CC recipients from ticket opening emails
FEATURE-2168 - Implement support for display number of accounts on a web server to server management page (cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin)
FEATURE-2174 - Implement support for display of control panel version, account limit and other meta data to server management page (cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin)
FEATURE-2178 - Implement logging and display of payment decline reason in payment history on invoices


CORE-12899 - Ensure Order Confirmation e-mail for configurable option upgrades/downgrades shows the correct amount with taxes
CORE-13306 - Update the PHP Version Compatibility utility to include PHP 7.3
CORE-13319 - Handle alternate 0 sized file S3 migration errors
CORE-13342 - Ensure Domain Transfer button on Homepage redirects properly
CORE-13371 - Refine handling of form data when selecting "Already Registered"
CORE-13372 - Redirect Domain Renewal requests when Renewal Orders option is disabled
CORE-13387 - Improve error display when testing credentials of Storage Settings
CORE-13388 - Correct error message displayed when activating a sub-account that already exists
CORE-13480 - Rename cron task Domain Expiry Sync to Domain Status Sync
CORE-13511 - Refine logic for model hydration to prevent failure on Pay Method editing
CORE-13522 - Correct conditional creation of cookie data
CORE-13528 - Add missing language string for competitive ssl upgrade
CORE-13531 - Ensure card expiry is normalized prior to interaction with gateway modules
CORE-13535 - Optimise Closed Ticket Attachment Prune routine
CORE-13536 - Correct date and query logic for Ticket Feedback Score report
CORE-13538 - Apply latest UI styling to product config options management pages
CORE-13556 - Update v4 theme to include pay method templates


MODULE-6885 - Ensure contact data returned from registrar is rendered correctly on Modify Contact Details page
    Also known as: MODULE-6929
MODULE-7043 - Prevent erroneous display of muliple Renew buttons for ResellerClub SSL Certificates
MODULE-7075 - Correct API data exchange with Stripe for cards stored prior to 7.8.0
MODULE-7078 - Update getting started link in Weebly welcome email
MODULE-7081 - Ensure checkout fields are validated prior to processing a Stripe payment


PMA-132 - Improve display of admin users under "Assign To" on project details
PMA-141 - Exclude draft status invoices from Project Management client view


CORE-13523 - Correct documentation of response's ticket number variable name in GetTicket API