Changelog:WHMCS V7.8.1

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Version 7.8.1 Release Notes


CORE-13659 - Update WHOIS server for .actor
CORE-13662 - Update WHOIS server for .pt
CORE-13666 - Correct language string of SSL Certificates page
CORE-13670 - Correct sorting for To Do List table
CORE-13677 - Prevent fatal for misconfigured environments which disable cli arguments
CORE-13678 - Ensure successful captures of non-migrated remote cards complete payment of invoice
CORE-13679 - Ensure function declarations are available for Stripe intents
CORE-13680 - Ensure due date value is maintained when editing To-Do List item
CORE-13681 - Prevent error for undefined variable in Boxes & Modern carts


ADDON-6093 - Correct observation of 'completed' filter for GetProjects API
ADDON-6115 - Correct Start Date input on PayPal Transaction Lookup


MODULE-7096 - Ensure a Payment Method with Stripe can be added via admin area
MODULE-7097 - Observe and skip one's Plesk reseller account on sync using reseller account
    Also known as: CORE-13675


CORE-13642 - Improvements for Portuguese translation
CORE-13667 - Improvements for Hungarian translation