Changelog:WHMCS V7.8.2

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Version 7.8.2 Release Notes


CORE-13683 - Correct link provided after password reset action
CORE-13684 - Improve string comparison for Server Sync items
CORE-13685 - Ensure Edit Bundle loads and displays Addons options
CORE-13690 - Ensure card is not duplicated on checkout with remote gateways
CORE-13692 - Correct handling of custom admin directory for Sync Accounts button
    Also known as: CORE-13689
CORE-13693 - Correct To-Do list searching
CORE-13694 - Correct post location for Sales Tax Liability Report
CORE-13695 - Correct query for Ticket Feedback Comments report
CORE-13697 - Improve handling for invalid dates from remote in Server Sync
CORE-13699 - Ensure QR shows on admin TOTP setup
CORE-13700 - Reset Datepicker translation key cache after localization change
CORE-13701 - Perform pay method migration in invoice capture if required
CORE-13703 - Improve workflow for Stripe pre-session Intent
    Also known as: MODULE-7101
CORE-13707 - Create a single invoice for renewal + redemption fees as configured
CORE-13708 - Allow migration of local card data regardless of lack of local card capable gateways
CORE-13709 - Prevent spurious Stripe errors from triggering Oops page
CORE-13710 - Correct CVV field referenced for checkout validation
CORE-13711 - Improve pay method creation when migrating ambigous data
CORE-13712 - Correct filter query for batch PDF Invoice report
CORE-13714 - Improve handling for Attempt Capture with non-CC remote gateways
CORE-13716 - Correct user reference and order when merging clients


MODULE-7099 - Ensure Stripe Intent reflects tax changes at checkout
MODULE-7100 - Ensure remote input payment methods can be deleted
    Also known as: MODULE-7105
MODULE-7104 - Correct non-CC remote pay method handling for Attempt Capture
MODULE-7106 - Correct display of accent characters for Stripe language strings
MODULE-7107 - Prevent erroneous session error for no cost totals with Stripe
MODULE-7108 - Render Payment Methods management UIs when supported gateways are active
MODULE-7109 - Improve remote response parsing for Virtualmin v6.07 usage stats